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Running head: 6PR RADIO ANALYSIS

6PR Radio Analysis

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6PR Radio Analysis

The selected Professional station is Perth-based 6PR radio. The radio station has different shows, which focus on sport, news, and talk. In terms of demography, the station is sixth in terms of listener share. The station commands an 8.2 % portion of listener share. The listener share for the station has improved particularly for the people above 65 years taking a 16.9 % for the age bracket. About 10.6 percent of people between 55 and 64 years listen to the station actively (Radio Today, 2016).

The presenters in the station have different roles to play depending on the nature of their shows. The presenters give informative and entertaining programs on a daily basis. These comprise of sports, news, and talks.

A favorite show in the station is the 6 PR Sports. The program runs from 6-8 pm daily. What places 6 PR ahead of its archrival such as Mix 94.5 is that its program is the only sport program broadcasted at night. The presenters of the program are Karl and Brad and they include interviews, stimulating talkback, and opinions. Mix 94.5 presents most its sports news during the breakfast show. Thus, 6 PR is the best in terms of sports reporting.

6PR’s breakfast with Basil Zempilas andSteve Mills has gone up in ratings from 2.0 to 11%, which marks the biggest boost in the breakfast market. An improved show is also Adshead’sGarymorning show, which rose from 1.6 to 9.3 per cent. The 6 PR breakfast show presents all the things that happens in Perth. The program also invites different personalities to respond to people’s questions. 6 PR has a lower audience when compared with Nova. Nova commands a 13.3 % of listener share about 360,000 listeners (Radio Today, 2016). Records show that the station’s breakfast team present information on sports, significant domestic issues, traffic reports etc. The figures of audiences are important to the selected stations because they determine the number of advertisements the companies earn based on their reach.


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