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How to Create a Graph in Excel 20077

How to Create a Graph in Excel 2007

It is more effective and dynamic to create a graph in Excel 2007 due to its robust tools. All is needed is to provided data needed for graph then Excel will make the graph. There are several graph options provided in Excel that one can easily choose from. There are steps used to create the graph below

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Create data that you would like to create a graph from

From the task bar click on start, go to all programs and open Excel 2007 either as a default or as an existing worksheet. If there is no existing data, create data that can be used to crate a graph, for example the number of units sold over a given period of time. Ensure that you label the data you would like to graph by typing the labels for each data. For example in cell A3 type ‘Month’ and in cell B3 type ‘Sales’. Enter the data to be graphed by typing the information under the labels set up at the top of each column. For example, under Column A in cell B3 type ‘January’ and its sales in cell A4 type the type of sale made as ‘Bread’ as shown in the table below:

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Select by highlighting the data to be used to create the graph

Do this by clicking and dragging your mouse across the data you have created in Excel.

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Applying a chart/graph type

  1. On the menu bar, click on the ‘Insert’ tab the second after ‘home’ tab

  2. From the insert ribbon, locate the ‘Charts’ section where you will see several types of graphs. Click on the ‘Column’ tab to display different charts.

  3. Choose the first chart and excel will apply the chart

PP in IT 5PP in IT 6PP in IT 7PP in IT 8

Click on the graph options to make the graph

Excel will then make a graph showing the data provided in the Excel spreadsheet.

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Apply a graph layout.

  1. Click on the graph to display chart tools.

  2. Click Design tap

  3. Click layout 5 to apply the layout to your graph

PP in IT 10PP in IT 11PP in IT 12

Note: As you apply a layout, excel creates labels that you can give your graph a title or label your axes. Layout 3 creates a label of a graph tile.

Adding Labels

  1. Click you the ‘chart title’ and delete it

  2. Type ‘Shop Sales’.

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Changing the graph style

You can change the style of the graph by:

  1. Click your chart to display Chart Tools.

  2. Choose the Design Tab.

  3. Click the downward arrow on the far right of ‘Chart Styles’ to display more styles. Click style 26 to apply the style to your graph.

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