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Portfolio Sample — 5 Key ideas regarding quality assessment and the Scherer article Essay Example

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The Tests That Won’t Go Away”

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14/06/ 2011

The idea of using standardized testing as a quality assessment methodology in many schools around the world has become of a great concern. There are five key ideas are identified in relation to quality assessment. These include: identify the purpose, clarify the targets, use a sound design, provide effective feedback, and involving students.

First, it is important to identify the purpose of quality assessment in learning or education offered to students. Scherer adds that the goals of conducting a test include closing achievements gaps, building proficiency in skills and obtaining knowledge to sustain oneself in competitive global society.

Secondly, it is important to set targets when conducting quality assessment. The targets should be constructed in a way that they are all clear to the students. These targets should not be just achieving higher marks in tests but in addition, assessment should also be for learning. According to Scherer (2009), it is important for all people: students, teachers, parents and the public to understand the aims or targets of these tests as quality assessment measures.

Thirdly, the use of a sound design is another idea of quality assessment. The method used should not provide loopholes for biasness. There are multiple measures that can be used in quality assessment in addition to standardized tests. The best way in achieving a sound design is integrating all the multiple measures in quality assessment.

Fourthly, another idea of quality assessment as provided in literature and supported by Scherer (2009) is attaining effective feedback. Feedback will help the management of the school, stakeholders, government and other interest groups in understanding the progress of the school as well as the students and those areas that need improvement.

Lastly, another idea of quality assessment is the involvement of students. The students should assess the quality of education they are acquiring as an individual, among peers and utilize goal setting. Students assess as to whether they have been able to achieve their goals within a particular schooling period. In the light of all these compared with her article “The Tests that won’t go away,” Scherer seems to reflect what the literature says about what constitutes quality assessment. In addition, the points that she makes are quite valid.


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