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Climate Change and global warming

The topic on climate change and global warming has been very informative. This is because it has imparted me with knowledge as to the causes of global and regional changes in climate patters where the climate has been changing towards a hotter climate. Climate change has been attributed to two kinds of causes including human causes and the natural causes. It is the human causes such as burning of fossils, development activities such as industrialization and urbanization that have resulted in the greatest climatic changes throughout the global. This is because such human activities have been seen to increase the amount of gases in the atmosphere thus resulting in tilting of the global equilibrium (Epa.gov, 2016). The result is climate change which can be clearly seen by everyone in the world today. The climate change on the other hand has resulted in global warming with global surface temperatures continuing to rise having risen by 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 100 years. Evidence of climate change and global warming can be seen in rising global temperatures, melting ice in the arctic, increased ocean temperatures among others. Worse still, the temperatures are expected to rise even further in future and this may affect the world ecosystems in negative ways making the world inhabitable. Hence, the lecture is a call for everyone to do more towards preventing climate change and global warming for our sake and if generations to come after us are to find the globe inhabitable.

Sustainability and environmental sustainability

From the lecture, my understanding of sustainability and environmental sustainability is the efforts that different stakeholders should put in place to reduce climate change and hence global warming so that the environment can continue sustaining all that live in it. In other words, sustainability and environmental sustainability calls for everyone to use conduct their activities in a way that does not negatively affect the environment so as to ensure that the environment continues to support and provide for our needs while ensuring that the environment is sustained even beyond our lives for future generations. As such, every decision maker ought to adopt interconnected thinking whereby we should always ensure that our decisions have in mind the effect of our actions on the environment and that profit making should no longer be the main driver of our actions whether as corporates or as individuals (Theis and Tomklin, 2015). In other words, we should ensure development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a call for us not to be selfish as we continue to exist in the earth. Sustainability of future generations greatly depend on our actions today and we should do all that is possible to ensure that we protect the environment from adverse effects such as climate change and global warming. As such, the lecture has gone a long way in imparting me with knowledge concerning the part I can play in ensuring sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Energy efficient design

From the lecture, it is clear that the built environment is a great contributor to climate change contributing up to 27% of global climate change. As such, any attempts to curb the problem of climate change and global warming must incorporate ensuring that the built environment is sustainable. As such, the energy efficient design by various organizations including BCA is aimed at ensuring that developers adhere to laid down standards that will ensure that buildings are energy efficient. The lecture does enlighten one on the measures that can be taken to ensure that buildings are energy efficient in design with an aim of ensuring that the buildings are as comfortable or even more comfortable as traditional buildings while ensuring that as much energy as possible is conserved either in heating or cooling the buildings. The lecture does that serve to enlighten one on the need to adopt energy efficient designs in buildings as this is not only beneficial as far as occupier’s comfort is concerned but it leads to cost savings while contributing to environmental sustainability. Adopting energy efficient design will result in many benefits including reduced costs of operation, high returns on investment, greater tenant attraction, enhanced marketability, reduced liability and risk, healthier places to live and work, productivity benefits among others (Gbca.org.au, 2016). However, the greatest contribution of adopting energy efficient design is its contribution towards sustainability and environmental sustainability in my opinion. This will go a long way into ensuring less climate change and hence global warming. The lecture has also successfully enlightened me on successful group operation so as to achieve its purpose. Each team member must perform their role effectively while team meetings should be conducted in a good atmosphere where each and every member is able to participate.

Team work

The lecture goes a long way in enlighten one on the need to establish effective teams which are essential for organizational success especially in the engineering field. This is seen in the way team work has been successfully used in bringing about organizational success in such companies as Motorola and Ford among others. From the lecture, one gets an understanding that formation of a successful team is a process rather than an event. As such, members of the team must be ready to understand and respect one another even as they seek to learn one another especially during the formative stages of the team if the group is to successfully achieve its objectives (West, 2003). Virtues that are seen as important for team work success include such virtues as respect for other team members, valuing the strength of teammates , team cohesion, trust and focusing on and believing in the end goal while arguing less and exploring more. Team members must also learn and understand their roles as team members and play them effectively if the group is to be successfully run. Thus, this lecture has been of great help in making me a better team member and will help me in seeking and acquiring communication and interpersonal skills that will make me a better team member or team instructor for team effectiveness and hence organizational success.


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