Podcast script and production

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  • Delta Beverages is a company involved in the manufacture and distribution of two brands of soft drinks to customers in nearby towns and retailing organizations.’

  • The company has conducted research and development to develop a new brand of soft drink that can increase its brands of soft drinks from two to three. The new brand of soft drink will be called ‘The Blend’.

  • The drink has particular characteristics that will meet the needs of customers and improve the organization’s competitiveness.

  • The product has particular features which are unique that will be of benefit to customer if they purchase it.

  • I, Mr. Arnold Kemp, as the marketing manager of the organization, have created this podcast to illustrate the manner in which Delta Beverages will promote the product to achieve competitiveness and its demand among consumers in the same manner as other brands of soft drinks.

Segment 1

General Appearance of the product:

  • Generally, the product has the appearance that creates a feeling of satisfaction when used and enables the consumers to use in while sitting or moving.

  • The bottle in which ‘The Blend’ is packed is that which has similar shape as other soft drinks and creates a feeling of satisfaction in the use of a soft drink. Due to this shape, it is easy to carry around, use the drink without the need of a glass, or use a straw during drinking.

  • The fluid content of the drink has been designed using an orange color which is usually preferred by most customers. This will improve customer ability to recognize what they are drinking as well as their willingness to buy and eventually become loyal.

  • The Blend’ has an image of a happy and cheerful person drinking it. The background on which the image is placed is orange which distinguishes it from other drinks within the company and those produced by other companies involved in production of soft drinks. ‘

Segment 2

Weight and Size:

  • The Blend’ has been created in a manner that it can be bought in three different sizes which are sold at different prices. Consequently, it will be possible for customers to buy the drink according to their personal preferences and financial capabilities. ‘

  • Furthermore, the drink will be beneficial to customers because it has been made using low-density material which improves its portability. The addition of its constituent ingredients has been done by complying with the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Segment 3

Health and Safety Considerations for Users:

  • The Blend’ accounts for different health and safety needs of its users by ensuring the level of sugars in it do not exceed the level that it can cause a negative impact on the health of its user. ‘

  • The drink has also been tested for toxicity so that any additives that can be of negative health impacts to users can be eliminated. ‘The Blend’ does not have any cholesterols that can effect health condition of the user if user in large quantities.

  • The manner in which ‘The Blend’ has been produced is such that the user can use it in different volumes without causing a negative impact on health. ‘The Blend’ also contains low caffeine content for the purpose of enhancing the safety of the user due to the consumption of caffeine.

  • It is also composed of carbonated water which ensures its purity. There is a high composition of fructose Corn Syrup that adds energy to the user; it has low concentration of citric acids that reduces its acidity. Sodium benzoate has also been added to it for the purpose of protecting its taste.

  • There are also natural flavors that such as Sodium Polyphosphates and Glycerol Ester that creates a distinct flavor from other soft drinks. These components are less toxic and the user is assured of safety and no long-term threat to his or her health condition if they use them.

  • The Blend’ has a sticker showing the dates of manufacture and expiry so that consumers can be guided to be aware of whether it is suitable for buying and drinking or not. ‘

Segment 4


  • In order to ensure ‘The Blend’ meets the needs of its users, the main ingredients that have been used include sugars, preservatives, orange coloration, such as red 40 and Yellow 6.

  • The Ingredients used to make the product are obtained from genetically produced crops called GMOs that have been protected from different forms of infections which enabled to acquire certain characteristics that ensure their effectiveness in the production of the drink.

Segment 5


The authenticity of ‘The Blend’ in achieving customer needs has been achieved by ensuring the company obtains an authorization document from the regulatory body that regulates the production of soft drinks in the country.

The quantity of ingredients used to produce the drink has been determined subject to testing and approval by the relevant regulatory bodies. The quantity of ingredients used to make ‘The Blend’ has been tested in terms of uniqueness so that they are not similar to another drink produced in the country. Consequently, the company has been able to get a patent for its production. This shows that the company is liable for any impact of its use and no one can be held accountable in case of any impacts on the users. The label on which the product is contained has the producing Company’s trademark and a stamp from the regulatory body which shows that the drink is produced by our company under the approval of the regulatory body. Authenticity and accountability in the production of ‘The Blend’ has also been achieved by providing our contact and location address so that we can be contacted in case of any complaints regarding the products.

Introduction (Ending)

The emphasis of the podcast is that ‘The Blend’ is a suitable brand produced by Delta Beverages and customers are assured of satisfaction as a result of its purchase. It will also be beneficial to customers in case of a change of preference in the types of drink they need.