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Project updates report after two months

Two months after the project commencement, the key deliverables in this project that had been accomplished include the updated hardware, circuitry, network wiring, software. The hardware deliverables were the switches, their associated cabling and supplies, plus an appliance to host the network monitoring tools. Circuit deliverables included Fast Ethernet connections provided by Telco. Software deliverables included an updated physician network monitoring application. The final documentation included all the knowledge gained throughout this project including the old and new network architectures, business requirements, and specific network design such as the configurations, the proof of concept results obtained from the prototype testing, plus the long-term implementation plan and the supporting hardware manuals update.

Hardware Deliverables

Upgrade Network cabling infrastructure

The first step in resolving the current issues was upgrading the current network wiring from cat5e cabling to the current industry standard cat6. Cat6 had a higher bandwidth capacity which enabled faster data transmission to and from the NAS. The higher bandwidth also came in handy in cases of higher load or in future when the organization gets additional users.

Move from Cisco 3650 to ADTRAN NetVanta 6355

In resolving the network congestion issues, the priority was to replace the current Cisco 3650 router with a modern all in one gateway optimized for VOIP making it a perfect fit for a call center. The ADTRAN NetVanta 6355 was designed to facilitate and simplify Hosted Voice over IP service delivery. The multi-service access gateway provided an all in one solution for business connectivity, internet access and VoIP. The NetVanta 6355 includes an SIP-gateway, a feature-rich IP router, inspection firewall, VPN, and a 24-port powered Fast Ethernet Switch with Gigabit uplinks, and two expansion slots for Voice Interface and Network Modules. The integrated QoS mechanisms allowed the NetVanta 6355 to deliver crystal-clear voice services to IP phones, and traditional telecommunication equipment simultaneously. The features that made the NetVanta particularly suited for a call center were its voice quality metrics and, Quality of Service features for delay-sensitive traffic like VoIP.

Monitoring Application

To ensure that all installed components functioned as expected; we gave the client a physician monitoring application. This was an unobtrusive appliance that was connected to a new Dell workstation dedicated solely to monitoring the network’s health. We also configure SNMP traps for network components allowing them to report critical network events such as environmental issues, circuit outages, and hardware malfunctions. The software’s was to be periodical updated to the authorized personnel and alert them in case of network downtime. Finally, we prepared the project documentation that included details of the overall process and how the design components integrated to improve the network. The final documentation also included this proposal, hardware manuals, warranty data, and configuration templates.

Software Deliverables

Server Refresh from Windows Server 2008R2 to Windows Server 2012R2

Installing Windows Server 2012R2

Since the current system, Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 allowed for live updates to Windows Server 2012R2, we used the normal update procedure during off-peak hours to facilitate minimal disruption of operations. The update automatically fixes most of the security risks that the call center had been experiencing.