PMA trip essay Example


Wandering through the museum, I came across one of the most interesting and inspiring painting by John Constable known as a boat passing a lock. The artistic work was developed with high levels of expertise and I greatly admired it. The paper discusses the aspects of the painting.


The painting is oil on canvas and it involves a barge waiting for the sluice gates to open and lower the water level in order for the boat to pass (Philadephia Museum of Art, 2016). The most interesting thing about the image is the harmony that it creates. This is an indication that constable was inspired by nature. The presence of distance cloud, surrounding trees and water is an indication of the inspiration brought about by nature. The inspiration by nature makes the painting beautiful and it also triggers a lot of emotions. While viewing the image, I started thinking about nature and the beauty of the rural landscape. This played an important role in terms of enabling me to make a comparison of the urban and rural landscape.

PMA trip essay

I felt inspired by nature and this got me thinking of the chaos associated with the urban setting. The beauty of nature was inspirational and this played an important role in understanding the factors that inspires the artists. It is also worth noting that the artists may have been encouraging the people to play an active role in the environmental conservation. The image has a high degree of originality which is also inspirational to the audience.


In conclusion, it is evident that the painting is quite inspirational. The main source of inspiration from the painting is nature.


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