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Science holds that the higher you go the cooler it becomes which means that athletes from lower attitudes may choose to train in higher attitudes particularly when competitions are to be held in a higher attitude. Science is widely applied in many fields and it interacts with other disciplines such as social, economic, political, environmental, cultural and ethical disciplines.

Socially science is used to establish lineage relationships through DNA testing. Economically, science is widely applied in establishing mechanism of production in industries such as production engineering which increases output in the long run. Politically, scientific concepts such as statistics are applied in analysing poll outcomes by pollsters.

Environmentally, science is applied in determining the relationships of organisms in the ecosystems in order to maintain a balance in the entire ecosystem. Culturally, science is applied in determining the age and aspects of different cultures that make them unique from each other. Science interacts with ethics through the manner in which ethical concepts are developed and used in organizations. It is imperative to note that science is widely applied in many areas of life.

In conclusion, cheating in sports is not right at all. It amounts to dishonesty and it results into unfair advantage over other athletes or sportsmen. Specialized swim suits should be categorized as methods of cheating in sports because the swim suits give the swimmers an unfair advantage over other swimmers. Stiff penalties should be applied on any sportsman who engages in doping or other forms of cheating in sports in order to reduce cheating in sports.