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Question one

Normocytic‐normochromic anaemia can be described as a form of anemia where the average size and the hemoglobin content of the body red blood cells are within normal limits. In most cases, the examination of such blood cells shows that they are much like normal cells. There are some instances where they may be marked by variation in size and shape, however, these are such as to equalize one another and resulting to normal average values (Morita, 2016).

On the other hand marked leukocytosis is a condition where there is increased number of the white blood cell in the body. It shows an indication of an infection in the body. There are around five types of leukocytosis and they include neutrophil which results in the increase in the body production of the white blood cell (Morita, 2016). The second type is the lymphocytosis which is as a results of increase in the lymphocytes in the body. The third one is the eosinophilia which results in increase in eosinophilia resulting from allergy

This is caused by several factor like lack of enough platelets in the body born marrow..

Question Four

For nursing and care plan for patients with conditions like Peter should focus on the comfort, minimizing the adverse effects of the chemotherapy of the patients, the nursing should also focus on the promotion and preservation of the veins, manage the complications and also provide appropriate education and psychological support for the patient.

One of the management techniques or treatment include the use of intensive chemotherapy which consist of the remission induction, consolidation and the maintenance of these condition. Since Peter falls under young adults as per classification of the age adapted protocol for treatment, there is need for CNS prophylaxis relapse management (Christy, Manjrekar & Babu, 2013).

During these treatment, Peter should also admitted to hospital for a short stay for regular checkups management (Christy, Manjrekar & Babu, 2013). In the process, there are some other opportunistic infections which comes along way and these may be treated using antibiotic and antifungal agents in the body. In order to control the uric acid during the therapy induction, nurses can use allopurinol and lastly, the central venous catheter is usually given for the frequent access of venous.


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