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Plant Visit Report

Plant Visit Report

As part of the Manufacturing & Design Engineering (MANT2111) module requirements, I made a visit to Rottapharm limited as one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies. The multinational pharmaceutical group has its headquarters and research center in Monza. However, through its global expansion strategy Rottapharm group has established processing branches in more than 85 countries across the globe. Having been established in 1961, the company continues invest in research, innovation and production of new pharmaceutical products to meet the changing consumer needs in the global market. The company’s mission revolves around finding innovative, safe and effective treatment solutions to existing and emerging pathologies across the globe. Its core values include innovation, Technology, productive standards, research and development and dealing with natural and highly selective raw materials.

Through the Rottapharm Group international diversification strategy, it has strengthened presences in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, South Africa and India and has approximately 2,000 employees. The Group boasts of a wide range of pharmaceutical products including molecules and original drugs discovered through its Research and Development department. Example of products glucosamine sulphate for treatment of osteoarthritis, proglumetacide (a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug, Armolipid for cholesterol control, Estromineral for menopause control, Biomieral for hair and nails strength and vitality. The Group’s customers include Patients, doctors and pharmacists, institutions, associations and local communities, employees, suppliers and distributors. In order to enhance efficiency in meeting the needs of the diverse customers, the company has installed an automated order processing system through which orders are received and processed. The company continues to report impressive profits with the net profit for the period ended June 30, 2016 reported to be 111.2 MEUR.

3-D Printing/Scanning

RottaPharm has employed technicians as engineers whole role is to contribute to the Group innovation and development mission through designing and engineering out problems. Through engagement of technicians and engineers in the group’s production operation, the company is able to solve of its technical problems internally thus saving money spend on outsourcing. The group boasts generation of more knowledge and ability from within. The Chief Technician identified the involvement of technicians in designing and engineering out problems in the firm has played a critical in their motivation and commitment.

The 3-D printing technology was identified as critical in the technical engineering section in which it played a critical role in facilitating new installation. The 3-D printed images assisted technicians in the maintenance of the manufacturing systems. Adoption of the 3-D printer technology was cited to have made installations easier than before. Designing and manufacturing of drugs has become easier and cheaper through the 3D technology particularly through elimination of middle steps in the production process.

Energy Monitoring

RottaPharm has made tremendous effort in ensuring energy efficiency and environmental safety including continuous monitoring of performances, energy consumption and the amount of waste produced as well as minimizing environmental costs.

Some of the efforts made in ensuring energy efficiency including significant remodeling of its operations such as installation of photovoltaic solar energy panels for heating buildings and water as well as production of electricity.Other measures include utilization of innovative systems of air-conditioning and air treatment to achieve energy saving and reduction of energy-related expenses. The company has also remodeled its offices and laboratories, installation of water flux adapters and adoption of high eco-efficiency lighting. The technical engineers in the company have been critical in the installation of the various energy saving systems as well as assisting the continuous energy monitoring of energy use and efficiency in the firm.

Sachet Packaging (Packaging Line)

Two sachet packaging lines have been installed in the Irish consisting of sachet packaging machines, cartoning machines and two PackService case packers. The sachet packaging line was later transferred to Dublin. The company has continued to invest in the sachet packaging sector including installation of innovative lines with the capacity to meet packaging pharmaceutical products. Through its innovative strategy, the company continues to overhaul sachet packaging lines leading to improvements in the packaging process.

Blister Packaging & Cartoning

The company has partnered with Marchesini group in the installation of a blister packaging machine MB420. The company has also purchased and installed a cartoning machine BA100 FOR packaging of capsules and tablets. The company has continued to improve its packaging system efficiency as its production continues to grow.

Safety Procedures during the Visit

Every person in the plant was expected to have a safety kit comprising of a dust coat, helmet and safety boots before being allowed into the plant. No electronic gadgets were allowed into the plant including phones and cameras as well as jewellery. The health and safety department have posted safety guidelines in every entrance of the different sections of the plant.


The visit provided a very informative and yet exciting opportunity especially in understanding the practical application of the knowledge and skills harnessed through the Manufacturing & Design Engineering (MANT2111) module. It was an opportunity to interact with experienced engineer and learn from their experiences particularly in application of emerging technologies in the manufacturing sector.


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