Planetary gearbox introduction. Essay Example


Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

A planetary gearbox consists of three primary elements that include the sun gear, the planet gear and the ring gear. The planetary gearbox has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the planetary gearbox include it is light in weight due to its compact size; it is 50% lighter when compared to other gearboxes. Moreover, the other advantage is that is has a higher power density; it has more planets hence load can be shared. The other advantage is that it has a longer gear life as compared to other similar loads. Additionally, the gearing of the planetary gearbox is accurate and no backlashes are expected (Bodine Electric Company, 2013)

. Despite these notable advantages, the disadvantages of the planetary gearbox include the fact that it is noisy during operation. The other disadvantage is that the gearing must be accurate to ensure load sharing. Additionally, it is lubricated with grease instead of oil which is considered better. The cost of the planetary gearbox is also high especially is in cases where a longer lifespan is required (Bodine Electric Company, 2013).

The planetary gearbox is relatively hard to design as compared to other gearboxes. The primary reason for this is that the sun gear and the ring gear have to be placed at the same time when designing the planetary gearbox. This will result into severe vibrations which may make other parts of the planetary gearbox to move; the designers have to be careful when placing the two gears to maintain accuracy (Townsend, 1986).


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