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Pivotal Charts

Question 1


Users may need to spend a significant amount of time sourcing through the excel sheets to familiarize with the source data. Also users have to read through the chart to eliminate blank entries as witnessed under Weather Summary


Accurate display of information where users can be able to understand the information presented in the graphs. As showcased in BOM weather pattern averaging the minimum temperatures recorded.

Question 2

The presentation of charts are well placed in showcasing changes in data and hence identification of trends in divergent areas. For instance, Presentation of length of Sunrise, sunset and Day length are well suited in graphs than figures. In some cases presenting the information in figures are better such angles of the compass. The reader can easily decipher the numerals presented.

Question 3

What conclusions or decisions can you draw from the exercises in Excel Fu? 

It can be evidenced that the presentation of data in pivotal charts are imperative in presenting data in the most convenient manner notably continuous data like weather patterns. The data sets needs to be tabulated in the most accurate way to allow different users to successfully interpret the data sets

Question 4: Created Excel using Fig 1

    1. Is your behaviour consistent with Kant’s categorical imperative? Why or why not? 

It is not since the a categorical imperative would command the individual to include the labels, in as much as , the inclusion of labels is right, disregarding other consideration of ifs. That is the presentation of the graph should be clearly seen from a secondary reader.

    1. If Excel automatically produces graphs like Figure 1, is Microsoft’s behaviour consistent with Kant’s categorical imperative? Why or why not? 

Yes it is since kants asserts that a goodwill is an intention that acts with respect to moral law. To act out of a good will , is to do a certain aspects i.e. to compute the data as they were keyed in by the user

Question 5: Change roles

It will be evident that the junior marketing professional is not honest with his presentation. Whereas he/she attempts to present the data, it is doubtful since it appears as thou he/she is hiding valuable information to either suit his interest.

Question 6: What Graph to present as a junior marketing professional

Figure 3 since it will showcase the full information and it will be consistent with Kant’s categorically imperative. This is to imply that, since a moral act is the right thing to do, it is universal and binding, nevertheless, the act should not be done with ay condition.