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Situation Analysis of Rogue

Xiaoyu Huo


Situation Analysis

In order to take advantage of the existing market of ice cream gelato in Sydney and even beyond Australia, the management of Rogue brand has engaged in a pitch project with the aim of launching an extensive campaign. The main aim of this campaign is mainly informative to and increase the customer base. This has been conducted considering many factors:

  • Ice cream favors

  • Market competition.

Rogue is the fastest-growing ice cream gelato brand in Australia and is known to be an industry leader in providing high ice cream. Rogue confidently consider that its purpose is to bring people collectively for the most tasty, natural, and fun ice cream experience while upholding a healthy way of life (Barabba, and Zaltman 2011). The company’s management came up with the idea of Rogue brand and launched a marketing campaign by establishing a pitch project in collaboration with the dairy farmers. Rogue presently has a total of 50 locations throughout Sydney.

Rogue considers their customers the main concern; they compare the treatment of their customers to visiting guests in their home and most predominantly interacting through market campaigns. The customer is therefore the basis of Rogue. Conversely, some corporations focus only on revenue. The Rogue customer has a say (Aaker, 2011). The company allows them to contribute on what ice cream to produce.

Although there are numerous ice cream stores in the market in Sydney, Rogue believes that it distinguishes itself from its rivals in many ways. Notable unique factors include its premium ice cream, which is made by highly skilled and diligent staff. It also prides itself with vast grading of flavors. Rogue presently gives its clients the choice of 20 flavors of ice cream (sweet and tart) flavors.

Rogue’s main client base customer base is 18 to 40 year old people. Rogue also has a strong client-base in adolescent and youthful adults. For instance on a typical weekend especially in the afternoon, there is a large populace of high school and university aged children hanging out at Rogue (Aaker, 2011). This is partly attributed to the fact that Rogue offers quality ice cream as compared to most ice cream shops. Pitch project therefore is aimed at conveying such good reputation to the clients.


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