Physical Attraction and Social Attraction Essay Example

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Physical Attraction and Social Attraction

Physical Attraction and Social Attraction

Physical Attraction and Social Attraction

Physical attraction is termed as the level to which the features of an individual are believed to be beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. Social attraction on the other hand is the motivational state wherein an individual is inclined to feel, think, and behave in an affirmative manner to another person (Klohnen & Luo, 2003). To a great extent I believe that physical attractiveness have a major and noteworthy impact on the social attraction to others. It is highly believed that individuals are likely to form long and lasting relationships with those individuals who they are matched with in termed their physical attractiveness similar to them. This argument is supported by Walster et al., 1971, when they show that partners with similar physical attractiveness showed heightened level of liking for one another. In regard to these, it is likely to see a group of slim people both men and women engaging in social interaction and their main driving force is the physical attractiveness they have in similar and that is they are all slim. This means that physical attraction have a great impact on social interactions in that individuals prefer to associate themselves with other individuals with certain physical features such as full lips and broad face just to mention a few (Zaidel, Aarde & Baig, 2005). This further explains the reason as a why a certain person have friends who tends to have similar attributes since his or her social interaction is mainly based on the physical attractiveness of individuals (Aronson, Timothy & Robin 2007).


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