Physical Activity Program to Be Implemented In a School Setting Essay Example

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Physical Activity Program to Be Implemented In a School Setting

Physical Activity Program to be implemented in a School Setting

Australia has been ranked 8th in the world for higher education as cited in the But Australia in the world of sports is known for rugby, hockey and cricket. These are generally male dominant sports. Yet we have more obese male than female in Australia according to Australian bureau of statistics 2013, with men at 70.3% and women at 56.2%. Australia is also known for having the best swimmers in the world who have excelled in world championships.

By targeting people at an age which they can be mould is at primary and secondary school level with education being mandatory, swimming can be introduced into the education system. This will have an impact on every future citizen as they all go through the education system.

With an education system that is highly ranked and good swimming skills the two will be a winning combination in nurturing healthy and literate people. At a tender age people are generally very active. Swimming can added to the school schedule to ensure regular swimming for each student.

Swimming is a social activity hence teaching kids how to co-exist. Drowning is the second cause of death for people between the age of 5 and 24 as cited in Making them good swimmers will reduce their risks when they get into unguarded pool or around the beach when there are currents.

Swimming reduces obesity in children as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This will also be less pressure on the health sector as obesity leads to juvenile diabetes. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It helps in gaining stamina, flexibility while promoting health and lung healthy activity. This population is a cornerstone in the society at large.

Most sports are known to be for the physically advantaged. Swimming is unisex as well as comfortable with every age. The buoyancy of water is relaxing according to 24 hour fitness, making students more productive. By doing the same activity self esteem will be high as students will have a level playing field.

Rewarding competition among students will encourage more swimming. Unlike other sports which are physically demanding, swimming is considered fun hence initiating the program will be easy. Parents will have less stress as their kids will be safe in the water during summer holidays. It can be used to measure individual strength of a kid while building his social skills.

Since swimming will be part of the curriculum, all students will take part in this activity that reduces anxiety and relieves stress. As cited in , swimming makes people have a good mood which is vital in ensuring that students are attentive and productive in class.

The number of students wanting to take part in swimming after the regular duration can be used to measure the effect of the program. This will also increase competitiveness in students as those who are not good in swimming will compensate by working harder the classroom.

As cited by memory loss online, regular physical exercise in early childhood helps in brain growth and boosts memory.


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