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Media & Documentary Workbook Task_004: Editorial Portraiture

photography 1

Workbook task_004

Names:__________________________________ Group___________________

Working in groups of two, you have been briefed by MAP magazine to photograph a CATC lecturer or student to illustrate a feature story about Think Education’s dynamic Brisbane campus.

Your portraits should capture the energy and excitement of working/studying at CATC as well as giving a sense of the environment.

At a minimum, you are required to produce 2 environmental portraits of your subject suitable for:

  • The magazine cover

  • An opening ‘lead’ shot

photography 2

The visual approach will involve focusing on both the person in the field of view of the camera as well as the surrounding objects such as books and banners related to the institution. In order to attain a clearer image, the right color profiles will be set before taking the photographs. The main equipment that will enable accomplishment of this task will be a camera and exposure metering device to enable the person using the camera provide the right exposure time for clearer images to be obtained. The following is an example of a cover page from the photographs taken.

The location for shooting the pictures will be an area that is well lit and has academic related objects that would appear in the photographs. Thus, the photos would be taken in a library where there are books or in an area where there is a banner representing the institution involved i.e. CATC Design school sign posts.

The main factors that will be considered include location, visual approach and equipment requirements

Consider location, your visual approach and equipment requirements.

Research the requirements of the magazine and consider how the commissioning publication uses images.

Part One:

photography 3

Figure 1. An example of a photograph taken with consideration of male posture and objects

photography 4

Figure 2. An example of a photograph taken with consideration of female posture and objects

photography 5

Time will be assigned into processes that ensure a high quality image is obtained. For instance, the process will begin by planning the photo shoot process. This will involve ensuring roles and responsibilities are defined and logistics such as access to facilities and permission are obtained. This will be followed by making test shots and selection of the right time for the photo shoot, selection of the right posing and lighting and choosing the right photo studio. The cameras will be inspected for the right length and apertures and reviews of imagery for male and female photos will be determined. This will be followed by capturing the male and female photos. In this case, the factors that will be considered include ensuring the right exposure is provided for the male photograph based on the lighting condition and the size of the aperture of the camera. Postures required for female photographs will also be considered and the right exposure time will be provided. The photographs will then be processed, sorted and rated. When the photographs have been taken, more time will be needed for printing, proofing and presentation of the photographs.

Consider how to use the time most effectively, or if required, negotiate for more time.

Your subject is a very busy person and their time is very limited. You have been allocated a maximum of 30 minutes to produce the two compelling images.

Part Two:

photography 6

During the shooting process of the three images for presentation to the photo editor, the photographer will begin by choosing the right light conditions for the photo shoots, selecting the right time of the day and combining the lighting with the ambient conditions. A variety of lighting styles will be use such as broad, short based on requirements of the photographs. The lenses will be set so that the right exposure time is obtained. The photographer will ensure the people whose photographs are taken pose according to the requirements for male and female postures and the photographs will then be taken. The photographer will then focus the camera on the people whose photographs are to be taken with consideration of objects such as books that need to appear on the photographs. This will be followed by shooting the photographs, processing them and sorting them according the right criteria such as the time of shooting. The photographs will then be printed, retouched and presented to the photo editor.

Based on your research and the visual approach you have decided on, shoot and post-produce a minimum of three images for presentation to your photo-editor (in class presentation).

Part Three: