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Effectiveness of visual communication in the production of photo images

Visual communication refers to the transfer of information that takes place via visual aids. It involves transfer of information and ideas in both viewable as well as readable forms. Communication via visual aids partly or completely relies on the ability to view. (Harris 34)

Communication through vision is basically expressed or presented using images that are of two dimensions. These images include; illustrations, drawings, graphic design, colour, topography and signs.

The whole idea of visual communication also explores the use of text to accompany to the images used. This enhances the visual communication by boosting its ability to educate, inform or persuade an audience or an individual. The effectiveness of visual communication in photo images production is largely dependent on the aspects of the photo images. (Strawn 54)

The perspectives include; the technical perspective which applies in circumstances under which the use of position, light or the image presentation influences the view of an image. This causes the photo image to appear to be better in comparison to the real object.

Another perspective is the critical perspective. When images are viewed in critical perspective, the viewers are presented with an opportunity to make criticisms concerning the image which also affects the effectiveness of visual communication between the viewer and the image. The personal perspective necessitates the involvement personal thoughts or opinion of the viewer to the image being viewed(Harris 56). This will in turn affect the response of the viewer with regard to the image and therefore making it very difficult to change the viewer’s view or interpretation of the image.

Future opportunities, work directions, equipment needs and workflow changes resulting from the application of visual communication principles

The application of principles of visual communication in an appropriate manner presents opportunities for use in future. Visual communication practices carried out within visual communication principles bring about offers of new opportunities for processes of identification of information and clarify the tasks and responsibilities to be performed by the learner. Learning through visual communication principles in increasingly regarded as a way of creating particular orientations and as well as dispositions to the world. Further opportunities in future through principles of visual communication are increasingly attributed to the extent to which one is self-directed and autonomous in experiences through learning and designing(Harris 14)

The advancements in technology also play a major role in opening future opportunities with regard to impacting the audience as well as the processes of production. Work directions and order of work flow also changes accordingly with regard to application of principles of visual communication. The new developments in technology have, to a larger extent, phased out the equipment needs and also the work flow procedure. All this is taking place courtesy of implementation of visual communication principles.

Implications of visual communication to own creative and innovative practice

The application of visual communication to innovative as well as creative practice has got several implications. The process of development and advancement of technologies of digital imaging used in visual communication as well as in design has been driven and enhances a lot by creativity as a tool rather than the medium of design(James 32)

Practices of innovation and creativity have got the ability to successfully deploy the necessary features and requirement in the visual communication industry. Father enhancements of the technologies in visual communication are largely attributable to the desire for rapid exploitation the innovative and creativity potential.

Summary and conclusion

Following the evaluation of the effectiveness of visual communication in the photo production exercise, Ideas regarding framing, composition of the image, color as well as the camera position have evolved in a manner that embraces technology and also takes in to consideration the principles of visual communication. The ability to interpret images is regarded to be subject to the deep understanding of a single meaning or several meanings that are conveyed through an image. This deep understanding of the meanings demands the performance of image analysis. The image analysis is done via several perspectives with an aim of enhancing the effectiveness of communication through visual aids in photo images.

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