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The video starts by introducing us to the main topic which Susan is to teach the student. The title of her teaching therefore is centered in the topic called “Time and Change” in looking at the issue of “contextualizing pronunciation”. In her introduction, she tries to justify this topic by saying that learners come from wide varieties of languages. She talks of practical issues in communication which should be employed in effective communication, thus narrowing her lesson to phonemes which are the basic units of sentences which serve to distinguish one word from another. For example the use of sound consonants ‘ai’and ‘ei’ when one is pronouncing white and wait respectively (Boyer. n.d.). This she says help in focusing on the main pronunciation points which deals with segment feature like sound as have been pointed out in the preceding sentences. She calls it a thematic / contextualized and integrated approach to teaching.


The positive points of the lesson

The most important point to note with Mrs. Boyer’s lesson is that it is an interactive one. She gives the learners time to participate in her class and also to discuss amongst them. One example is when she poses to ask the students to give various examples of words in which phonemes have been employed and we see how interactive this is. Another important aspect is when she turns on the radio for the students to listen to the views of the speaker on how science and technology has changed ‘our’ lives (Boyer. n.d). After they have listened, she engages the students to tell her what the speaker has said on the matter. The students respond by reporting that the speaker talked of the mobile phones, internet/ email, and travelling are the notable changes which science and technology has caused today. In using the radio, the teacher is testing the listening ability of the students, thus pointing out to us the importance of listening as a major aspect in teaching and learning.

The second positive aspect in this lesson is the availability of resources. The set up is a spacious room which allows for the teacher’s maneuver and also gives us the opportunity to assess the teacher to students’ ration. This ration is commendable due to the fact that Mrs. Boyer handles few numbers of students. During the lesson, the teacher asks the students to search for the meaning of different words from the dictionary. They resort to their dictionaries and can be seen googling the smart phones, an indicator that they have reference materials which facilitate learning.

The pedagogical approach which the teacher has given the lesson is also a positive point. It has been reported that grownups do internalize concepts if their teacher keeps on repeating it, an approach which Boyer has mastered and we see her keeping stressing on many issues as she keeps on teaching.

Points which could be improved in future

All the students should be given equal opportunity to participate in the class. Even though Boyer’s lesson is an interactive one, some of the students are not active. They should therefore be encouraged to take part fully. Another point to improve is that the teacher should not be the one talking much in front of the students. Students should also be allowed much time to stand in front of the class and talk so as to enable them to gain enough courage and have command in the subject area.


Education is a self-organized system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon as have been witnessed in the video. Articulation of issues by the teacher and the students brings success in education thereby making it achieve its goals.


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