Personal Statement on why i want to transfer Essay Example

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Personal statement on why I want to transfer

The desire for excellence has been my drive to perform better academically. My zeal emanates from my childhood where I purposed to outshine my fellow students in performance, as well as other co-curriculum activities. After my high school, I enrolled in a community college, Miami Dade College, where I purposed to earn quality education requirements. In the college, I have had a prodigious contextual experience where I have done much of mathematics, sciences and some social sciences to boost my credibility. After a consultation with my professors, I felt the need to transfer from the community college to a university where I will eventually earn an associate’s degree.

In that regard, I would love to join your institution, the University of Miami, to take a major in Health Science Management. The University of Miami has a resilient reputation for the excellence in both academic and co-curriculum activities. Specifically, I have had a solid fascination to learn in the institution. I, therefore, feel that the chance will be mutually beneficial to the institution and me. I seek to be a valuable asset to the institution given a chance to participate in the academics and non-academics.

Majorly, my need to transfer is because of the desire to gain higher education. Therefore, earning a bachelor’s degree at your institution will be important for my excellence in life. As compared to the community college, University of Miami has more facilities and faculties than Miami Dade College. Therefore, this too makes me interested in joining the institution. Some of these facilities include sports facilities, campus facilities like art classes and research centers, as well as stout student life. The University of Miami has a significant prominence in athletics and other sports facilities, such as baseball program, the football program, as well as basketball for both the men and women categories. Over the years, the university has natured great people, which significantly interest me in my urge to be an all-round student. Thus, I have grown to yarn for enrollment in the university where I will have an opportunity to nature my skills, talent and hobbies.

Additionally, the university has resilient student societies, clubs, and schemes, which I believe can mentor and nature me to be a great and critical thinker. I desire to acquire a student’s life experience, which I barely get in the community college. I believe that I will add value in the clubs, especially those associated with health science management, which is my field of specification. In addition, the university has a reputation for embracing cultural diversity. Hence, I would love to have an experience in interacting with students from diverse cultural dimensions.

I hope to meet several objectives at the university once I am given the opportunity. Some of these objectives are to develop, nature, and structure my skills in Health Science Management. Furthermore, I desire to grow in the field of management through the help of my professors and collaboration with my fellow students. I look forward to assisting the student with the exceptional qualities I have gained at the college level. Moreover, I am highly skilled in the outdoor games. Therefore, I look forward to nurturing them and using them to the advantage of the university soccer team.

I believe I have what it takes to excel in the institution. Thus, given a chance, I am confident that I will excel academically, as well as in other fields. I assure you total effort, commitment and participation to the satisfaction of your institution, the University of Miami.