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I have recently completed my bachelor degree in the field of study of general biology. I am looking to further my education by earning a master degree in biology with an interest in polymerase chain reaction. There are a few main professional goals that I feel that I would be able to attain by pursuing this next level in my education. The first is that I will be able to teach at a university and inspire other students to explore science, biology and DNA. I feel that having a professor that is excited about a topic is better able to reach the students that they are teaching. I believe that I can pass on my passion for this field to my future students because of how much I enjoy this subject, and think that teaching it in an interesting way will get the student’s attention. My other professional goal is be able to work in a research center doing important research that can change the field of science for the better. I want to be able to not only teach, but be hands on with the science that I love as I feel that I can make a contribution to the world. I know that my interest in polymerase chain reaction will allow me to help expand the way that we currently use DNA today, and make strides to improve our knowledge. I do hope that you will give me a chance to continue on with my educational plan in the science of biology.