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Personal statement

My desire to pursue a Ph.D. program in Emergency Medical Services stems from a personal experience during a floods-related disaster that vanquished my home city, Jeddah, in 2010. I lost many friends and relatives to the floods due to poor disaster management and response. At the time, I was an Emergency Medical Services student at the King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences and a novice in emergency response. The pain of losing my cousin to the disaster bothers me to date. The country’s response to the disaster was inadequate owing to poor preparedness. I believe that the severity of the disaster would have been less than what was witnessed had sufficient investment in Emergency Medical Response been made by that time. We visited him in the hospital where he was admitted following the incident. The sight of injured patients writhing in unbearable pain in overwhelmed hospitals amid panic and desperation across the city was overbearing. However, doctors emerged as a ray of hope in their efforts to save lives and injured patients from pain. This incident changed my perception about disaster management and increased my appreciation for Emergency Medical Services. As a result, I made a decision to join the Emergency Medical Services profession.

Joining King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz University of Health Sciences was my first step into the Emergency Medical Services profession. I enrolled in a degree program in Emergency Medical Services and graduated as a paramedic. Afterward, I participated in numerous activities related to emergency medical services and emergency management. For instance, I volunteered at the Mina Aljesser Hospital during the Hajj Pilgrimage of 2012 and in the annual blood donation drive in 2010. Additionally, I participated in conducting research on topics related to emergency medical and in co-authoring research papers between 2010 and 2013. During this time, I acquired more knowledge of the increased humanitarian need occasioned by disasters and conflict, both in Saudi Arabia and in the region. Participating in research also changed my perception of emergency management and understanding of future opportunities to enlighten the society on medical emergency management. It became clear that I needed to work hard in my studies and give back to society by pursuing a career in medical emergency management.

In this regard, I enrolled in a Master of Science program in Emergency Management at the University of New Haven in the U.S. My interactions instructors during that time inspired me and increased my understanding of the positive impact of the profession on human lives. Over the years, I have also taken part in conferences, volunteering programs, and workshops to increase my knowledge and skills on disaster preparedness. Currently, I work as a teaching assistant at the King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences. In this role, I have learned a lot about the gaps that exist in terms of medical emergency management. Most of these shortcomings are because of poor policies and planning by responsible government agencies. For that reason, I have identified the need for me to pursue a Ph.D. program in Emergency Management. Doing so will equip me with the requisite skills in policymaking and put me in a better position of creating more impact on the country’s emergency management and influencing related policies.

In that regard, I seek to pursue a Ph.D. program in Emergency Management at this reputable institution since I believe that it will give me the best learning environment possible and thereby, utilize my potential to the maximum. I am confident that the innate attention and enthusiasm to the provision of quality services will make me a better medical responder. I am self-motivated, strong-willed, and determined to learn and use my skills to help other people in society. The determination to attain high qualifications in emergency services management has helped shape my focus in education; thus, I have been able to attain and maintain top academic performance. Senior doctors and paramedics have continued to be my mentors and source of inspiration. Their guidance and sound advice have helped me develop a passion in the field. However, I understand that the career is full of challenges, but I am determined and prepared to confront them for the betterment of society. My experience as a teaching assistant has enlightened me on requisite commitments and demands of the profession so far.

In conclusion, I would like to state that I am committed to influencing the society positively through the provision of quality services. I believe that pursuing a career in emergency management is the best decision I made. Currently, the demand for emergency services specialists is extremely high due to a surge in natural disasters and armed conflicts. In Haiti, for instance, over 500 people were recently killed by floods. Similarly, In the Middle East, a number of people have died while others are in critical need of medical care due to armed conflicts that have ravaged countries such as Syria and parts of Iran. The proximity of my country to these countries makes me feel that the knowledge and skills that I will acquire through this program will be of help to people in such nations. I seek the opportunity to advance my skills and knowledge to be able to serve the society in a better way.