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Personal Statement

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The marketing field is constantly emerging and expanding. There are varied excellent opportunities for growth and development for a marketing expert. My memories go back to my primary level when my parents did encourage me to venture in business disciplines in my future academic levels. Though young, then, my parents did point to me that I had an excellent business related language skills portrayed by how I could manage wisely the little cash they gave me. Thus, as I grew up, I knew I had a dream to meet or a thought to evaluate its viability critically. I did school in Shung Tak Catholic English College high school; in Hong Kong. At this level of academics, I did join business clubs. The clubs allowed us to interact with expertise in the field and I could point out the viability of being a business oriented person.

Currently, I am taking an undergraduate program in management studies in the University of Leicester. I will be graduating in (graduation year). During my research, I did find that MSc Marketing requires various business, economics, finance, law, and marketing undergraduate pre-requisite or experiences related to the disciplines among others. Additionally, I do have undergraduate marketing module that has given me more insights on the same. Thus, my dream is beyond my undergraduate level to be an excellent career achiever and a professional in the marketing discipline.

In Shung Tak Catholic English College in Hong Kong high school, I was the president of Society and member of the student union. During this period I did acquire splendid organizational, communication and managerial skills. These soft skills have continued to grow. Today, in the University of Leicester I am a treasurer of Hong Kong Society in the institution. The leadership opportunity has given me an opportunity to interact with various corporations and companies for sponsorships in our society. These interactions have strengthened my interpersonal communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. During summer season this year, I did my internship in Hong Kong as a marketing and sales team in a span of one month in (company name). Doing marketing and ensuring sales attraction and delivery calls the use of critical knowledge and ensuring teamwork for smooth work delivery. This was evident as I did convince various clients to use the products offered by the company. I clearly communicated the client’s needs and the company need smoothly leaving both parties satisfied.

Living in a finance hub like Hong Kong, I understand marketing as a discipline importance in the business field. I also believe Asia and especially China are providing ample opportunities to accounting professionals in the next couple of decades (Hong Kong, 2015). Understanding this, I desire to join the MSc marketing program to increase my professional skills in particular so that I may be able to offer meaningful knowledge, abilities, and skills (KSA’s) in the near future. Further, I would need to interlink my professional expertise with my acquired soft skills to ensure innovations and inventions of various marketing platforms with globalization. This will not only leave me competitive for job opportunities but, also offer me a cream opportunity to invest and maximize my inherent KSA’s.

In collusion, I apply for the MSc Marketing program. My desire is to cultivate and explore both inherent soft skills and professional skills in marketing. My early years were driving force, accompanied by my education years and various opportunities that I have played on various platforms gives me a strong conviction that MSc marketing will be the turning point in my life to achieve the expected dream.


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