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Retail Store 4

Retail Store Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In every industry there exist a number of players and the differentiating factor seems to be on how they offer their services to their customers. Based on this some tend to receive a high number of customers while others receive a few of them (Panda & Sahadev 2005). Thus, in the long run while some retail stores are earning higher profits others may be experiencing losses. This therefore emphasizes the importance of handling the customer in the right manner. Woolworth limited appeals me when it comes to the purchase of groceries and I usually coupled this with the freshness that Woolworth guarantees as well as the value for the money charged on the groceries.

Woolworths have over time adopted different so as to attract a great number of customers. In relation to this the retail store has a number of stores in Australia. This eventually enables them to get a higher command and greater number of customers. Based on the fact that they have a large number of stores the customers are more likely to find a find in their area and thus they have the easier the proximity of their products such as groceries that are provided by the retail store (Rosenbloom 2010). Woolworth also uses in-store sales people in a bid to ensure the convenience of the customer, customer service and their image. The in-store sales people usually directs one to locations where certain items are and they respond to any kind of difficulties that the customer may be facing while shopping and thus creating a good image for the retail store.


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Appendix 1

Summary of Woolworths limited

Woolworth is termed as being the largest grocery store in Australia. It was founded in the year 1924 and the first store was located at Sydney Imperial Arcade. In the year 2008 there was a rebranding so as to enable the supermarket to have a new identity and all the supermarkets were to unite under a common brand. Later there was a re-launch to improve their image and gain the market share it had lost over the years.