Personal reflection Essay Example

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Personal reflection

I recently attended a workshop which was organized in our college for one day. This workshop was about discussion of advanced skills in IT project management. This was a wonderful experience for me. The workshop on the management skills was taught through a combination of a small class lecture, discussions, project executions and project presentations. The schedule for the workshop was prepared at the beginning of the semester, and this gave me enough time to prepare my project.

This workshop was different from the one which had been conducted previously because the focus was on the project of individual groups A lecture was conducted by a guest professor for a maximum of one hour. Then, the students were given time to present their projects and a later time for group discussions. During this class, the professor encouraged the students to give feedbacks on the projects which were presented. Towards the end of the workshop, we were given time to ask questions as the professor answered.

After the first period of the general lecture from our guest professor, the next period was for group discussions. We were divided into groups of six people. The professor ensured that the group composed of a mixture of individuals with work experience and those with no experience. Each group was allowed to select a project which could change the current management of an organization. There was a project manager, business analyst and programmers. For our group, I was the business analyst as this is my area of specialization. The project that was chosen was an online system which was aimed to replace the manual book records used in organizations. During these discussions, the instructor was available to give guidelines and answering questions which arise during the discussion. As the group business analyst, I was given the responsibility of conducting an interview with the office of student life. After the discussions, a summary of what we have learnt was given.

During the discussions, team members’ roles were first decided. In the team, we discussed our career interests and our past career experiences. The team members accepted the roles that matched their skills and interests. The problems which arise in the team were discussed with the instructors. This workshop was very important to me because it enabled me to added management exposure to my course. What I had also learnt during the project discussion in class I was able to put into practice. The groups were also composed of different persons with work experience and those without and this brings varied opinions and different working experience. I was also able to interact with different people who are not my friends, and I was able to acquire some skills.

The reason we selected online system as a new method to replace book keeping is because in the present world, completion is so high and an organization needs to find new information everyday to set strategies for competing. The online system is the most effective because it is the fast and large volume of information can be kept. This information was also useful to my studies because the use of bulletins which are pinned to the notice board are not usually effective and access to information is not good. Therefore, use of IT is very essential in any organization.

During the group discussion, what was identified as the major problem is communication. This is key factor which all managers are expected to have. The discussions were important in building this skill of communication because the interaction involved experienced people. As a way of making the skill of communication effective, we agreed as a group to have open communication with the team members. Every person had a role, and each one of us had to contribute to the project, and this helped me improve my communication and learn new things.

After the discussions, the next period was for the presentation of the projects. Every member of our group was given a chance to present the part of the project. At the end of the presentation, we allowed the audience to ask any question about the project as we answered. This presentation helped me improve my skill of being confident while addressing a crowd. This was my first time to present something in front of some people. Apart we were done with the presentation, the professor commented on the project and corrected us on the parts we went astray, and he gave us the opportunity to make some improvement.

The experience that I have gained from this workshop applies to my management job. I believe that it will help me to improve the performance in my sector on handling new challenges and the activities within the working environment. I have learnt a good understanding of these areas through the methods and the authority of the instructor.

Through the reflective practice theory by Jarvis P. (1992), I have learnt that reflective process is very essential for personal growth and continuous professional development. According to this theory, when we reflect, we can address the present situations, and also we evaluate ourselves on how we were in the past. The other benefits that can be drawn from the reflection process include: learning how to relate to other people who are not your friends or family members, skill development and time management just to mention three of them. Personal reflection brings personal fulfillment and happiness in that I can understand myself objectively.

In conclusion, the workshop assisted me as a student to learn new skills which are related to my career from the experienced people who were present in the workshop. I learnt how to relate to other people and also I was able to interact with members of large business organizations who told me what kind of skills they are looking for exactly. I feel that I should attend a similar workshop in future so that I can learn new skills and the nature of the market as I prepare myself to join the workforce in future.

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