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Personal journal

Before joining j school, the term curriculum used to pass across my ears always. I got interested with this term that was being mentioned in every subject. It did not take time for me to learn that the term referred to the content and the set of courses that are taught in school (Marsh, 2009). My initial imagination was that the term referred to a system of teaching that the tutors would employ in class.

What resulted to confusion when I learnt what the term referred to was if curriculum meant a certain program or a variety of courses which I was expected to choose from in order to determine what subject I would study? To my understanding, it was clear that the term referred to the set of courses provided in the coursework over a specified period of time (Marsh, 2009). In addition, I learnt that curriculum is partly or wholly set by an external body that oversees learning in schools (Marsh, 2009).

The curriculum I was enrolled to would run for eight weeks. During the eight weeks of study, I covered all courses that were required in child care. I discovered that the coursework provided during the beginning of the lectures was an essential part of learning. The coursework guided me during the revision times so that I would cover all that was taught.

During the exam period, I did not have to worry much since I was well prepared by revising what was provided during the lectures and through further studies. I discovered that each topic had been allocated an equal amount of time for study. Though I performed fairly in the exams, there were some topics that proved to be challenging to me. For this reason, I imagined if such topics were allocated more time; there would have been less challenge. It is for this reason that I suggest that the curriculum should not be set up to the last week; there should be sometime left for exams preparation.


Marsh, C. (2009). Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum. New York: Taylor & Francis.