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Personal Business Plan

Vision and opportunity

My education goal is to complete my higher education and obtain a Master’s Degree. I am interested in studying finance and information technology. With my degree in finance, I can work several areas including investment banking, financial planning, commercial banking, real estate and insurance. Again with my degree in information technology, I can work as a computer system analyst, Computer User specialists and Information security analysts.

Objectivity and loyalty are essential to me. Objectivity enables me to make sound decisions based on facts rather than emotions and politics. Loyalty improves the longevity of the relationships that I develop. I strongly value honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, open-mindedness, innovation, creativity and desire to continue learning and exploring more.

My mission is to be a leader, to have a balanced life, to be focused on my faith, my family and my country and to uphold ethical principles that can make considerable differences to the society. Three questions I can ask to direct my life choices are: “How can I have an impact in the world?”, “what can I do to be remembered?” And “what do I love?”

Several opportunities in the market are available for me. After completing my degree in information technology course, I can work as a computer system analyst and information security analysts. With my degree in finance, I can work as an investment banking manager.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

Positioning statement

I am a skilled project manager with the ability to create consensus and move projects and people forward. Furthermore, the potential to communicate efficiently with customers, senior management and team members in order to offer critical and sound solutions that meet the needs of the organization. Moreover, I have extensive skills and knowledge on several software packages including human and financial resource systems such as SQL Server, Oracle and Kronos. I also good at problem resolutions, application support, network analysis, compliance and documenting user requirements.

I take my potential employers seriously. The key value that I will offer to them is respect. I will have reverence for their position and decisions. Furthermore, I will perform all duties assigned to me as stipulated by the manager. I will be loyal, honest and transparent to my manager. Additionally, I will create a good relationship with the manager and have a strong bond for the success of the organization.

To the society, I will take part in several community programs to help make the community sustainable for living. I will ensure that I operate ethically and not violate regulations. Through this, I will create a healthy relationship with the society.

I am different from other students and the whole populace. This is due to my qualifications and my work experience. I have created an enviable network that I feel most people will find difficult to beat. I have developed sound relationships with managers and key decision makers in organizations. This enables me to be more successful in my work. I believe that my prior track record is indisputable proof that I would be capable of achieving great results if appointed to any position. I am industrious; highly motivated, ambitious and I relish the challenge.

Risk and mitigation

Key milestones and checkpoints for the plan

  • To help the company save $ 1.4 million by motivating the team to meet the software conversion time frame by three weeks.

  • Increase profits by 70% after one year

  • Double revenue to $ 3.7 million after two years.

  • Boost sales from $ 560,000 to $ 3.5 million in two years

  • Be promoted regularly through the tenure of the organization

  • Win several awards for exemplary performance

In order to measure my level of success, I will use several measures including quantitative measure, keeping records of various transactions, having a checklist to determine already accomplished tasks and staying on my plan. Through this, I will measure my success and realize my achievement in my operations within the organization.

Several external factors cancan affect my success. The first factor is competition in the market. The antagonism will make me work extra hard to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Another external factor is the weather. Adverse weather conditions can lead to certain diseases that can hinder my effective operation within the organization (Canzer, 2006).

Risk can occur in an organization at any time. Proper risks mitigation strategies can help to overcome such hazards. The first strategy is risk avoidance; this is avoiding any exposure to the risk at all cost. The other is risk limitation; this approach limits exposure of the company to risks through certain actions. The third strategy is risk transfer. This involves transferring the risk to a willing third party.

I plan to be ethical in my daily action. I also intend to operate according to set standards and not violate and law. My desire is to create a sustainable environment free from any form of pollution.

I chose Steve Jobs to be my mentor, this is because Steve Jobs had an extreme passion for his work; he was ambitious, and he had absolute confidence, e perseverance and was committed to his work.

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Canzer, B. (2006). E-business: Strategic thinking and practice. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.