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My Personal Business Plan

My Personal Business Plan

Vision and Opportunity

In today’s age, education is regarded as the key to success. These are words that I have grown up not just reading in books, but also told by parents. For this reason, I intend to achieve the best when it comes to education. Personally, I hope to work hard in school and after graduating at high school, I hope to join one of the prestigious and best medical schools in the world, where I hope to pursue a degree in Oncology. After graduating with a degree in oncology, I intend to practice for a few years then register for my master’s program and finally PhD because I want to become a specialist in oncology so that I can help millions of people around the world that currently struggle with cancer.

My career goal, therefore, will become not only a cancer medical doctor, treating patients with cancer, but also contribute in this area by conducting research on treatment methods so that I can help millions of people across the globe that are suffering because of cancer. At the moment, cancer has become one of the leading causes of death. Estimates indicate that about 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in life. Reports also indicate that about 15,780 children and adolescents were diagnosed with cancer in America in 2014 while hundreds of cancer patients die every year not only in America but globally due to cancer American Cancer Association, 2016). In the UAE, at least 12 people are diagnosed with cancer every day which translates to about 4,500 people being diagnosed with the disease every year (The Telegraph, 2015). Similar trend is reported in Bahrain, where for every 1000 men, 86 have cancer while 97 of female have cancer (Alsayyad, & Hamadeh, 2008).

Therefore, my career goal is to help treat cancer patients and conduct research so that I can one day get the treatment for this disease. I believe that I will have achieved my career dream the day I will have found the cure for cancer. Besides, the fact that there is still no cure for cancer (Al-Othman, 2015) creates a huge career opportunity for me once I graduate with bachelors in Oncology.

My personal value is to see a society where everyone live healthily and happily and this is only possible if the world can find the cure for the diseases can cause burden in most of the homes (Chang et al., 2007). My other value in life will be to have a happy family. As much as I consider my career important, my family will be the most valuable asset in my life and I hope to have a happy family one day even as I seek to fulfill my education and career goals.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

As cancer specialists, my market position statement will be to provide specialized and evidenced-based cancer treatment and care at affordable cost. Although my dream is to find a cure for cancer through research, I will ensure that patients that visit the health facility where I work get value for money by delivering quality healthcare services. However, the high cost of cancer treatment has proven a big barrier to access to care for the majority of people globally. In the United States, for example, cancer drugs costs an average of $10,000 per month while some therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapy cost as high as $30,000 per session which the majority of Americans cannot afford (American Cancer Association, 2016) and the same is the situation in other countries, such as the UAE and Bahrain. Therefore, I hope to change this by making the treatments affordable. In fact, I will at time offer free cancer testing and education to the population to sensitize them on the need not only to adopt healthy lifestyle, but also on the need to go for regular checkup for cancer. This way, I will have contributed to the betterment of the society in terms of health and wellbeing.

As a student who hopes to graduate from one of the most prestigious schools in the world, I intend to differentiate myself from students from the United Arab Emirates in terms of skills and efficiency. I will ensure that I delivery quality health care services beyond what the students from the UAE can do such as brain tumor surgery and I hope that this will make me different from the UAE graduates.

Risks and Mitigation

Although In hope to become an oncologist in the future, realizing this dream will most likely be marked by many challenges. In particular, raising the fees needed to study oncology in the best schools, such as the American schools with me a milestone in my path to achieving my dream. However, I intend to raise the funds needed by seeking for education scholarship to enable me fulfill my dream of becoming an oncologist.

Ethics is very important and I hope to observe ethics in my practice. In this respect, I will ensure that I act ethically by respecting patient’s rights, maintaining confidentiality about their health, as well as ensuring that I deliver health care services in a timely and safe manner.


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