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  1. Essential and desirable requirements of your dream job

After completing my university degrees in both marketing and event planning I intend to use them in the business sector when it comes to decision making and evaluation of marketing strategies in the industry and also make an effective manager. By searching “marketing manager” online to the job websites namely three offers got my attention more than the others which are an Events & Marketing Coordinator by Aviate Group,
Marketing Analyst — Sponsorship & Events (Part-Time) by Bridge Consulting and ANZ Event Manager by Oracle Australia.

The job offer by the Aviate Group stated that the applicant’s responsibilities will be:

  • Being a team player and working with the management team to create a calendar of events that goes together with the business targets.

  • Coordinating the design and distribution of marketing collateral on all property releases.

  • Tracking of all the marketing campaigns and preparing a performance analysis of them

  • Help develop and manage the marketing strategies of the company.

An Ideal candidate for the job offer of being a Marketing Analyst — Sponsorship & Events (Part-Time) at Bridge Consulting must have:

  • Tertiary Qualifications in both marketing and business.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Demonstrated marketing analysis

  • Have an understanding of brand strategy and its poisoning.

Lastly an applicant at Oracle Australia must be able to:

  • Manage multiple suppliers, vendors who support their campaign.

  • Plan and execute multiple events

  • Assist in defining the company’s brand

  • Be a team player.

2. What would an employer find on the web about you?

By Googling my name all my accounts will be revealed from my LinkedIn page, Twitter account, Facebook account. The LinkedIn page I currently up to date since I graduated but there’s lack of experience in that page since am fresh from college My other accounts since are mostly social accounts they have lack professional etiquette but also it doesn’t have a negative impression about me but only reflects the kind of person I am.

3. Social networking sites

The social sites I looked up were Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Despite all of them being used globally I choose Facebook and LinkedIn to be the most suitable social networking sites for me to apply for a job. My reasons for choosing Facebook is because since it is well used globally and has the highest users recorded, I can use my marketing skills when it comes to advertising about a product in my accounts and even create a page for it and also provides free communication between the buyers and sellers at large.

I chose LinkedIn because firstly it an all professional website meaning it’s all business in that website and all your about you in the need to know basis especially professionally is in that account from your contact details to what your currently doing and also has up to date business news for your particular job. It also lets you communicate with other professionals. The less suitable site is Twitter despite it being a good global site and used globally it still doesn’t have grip of the people as its rival Facebook has with the people in the professional world and also it is also more social than professional since people will find it awkward” tweeting” to the bosses at work.

To create a profile at LinkedIn all you need is a combination of both your curriculum vitae, cover letter, reference document and progressive and up to date database of your network. Also in Facebook all you need is to fill out your profile which is mostly about you from name, date of birth, where you live etc lastly you fill out the work experience which is another subsection and while activating the accounts enable the privacy package which will enables your account not be freely accessible and putting a lot of your personal information out there and also you can disable the ability of people just tagging you random photos.

As an employer I would be interested in hiring people who use social networks firstly because it shows they are up to date with current events in that they are digital and also their profiles are like their resume me on both ends; the professional and social since by knowing the skills and personality of the person your hiring gives it a much you a wider scope of whom the person Is like and even their thoughts and views on various activities.

From my profile what an employer can see is the kind of a person I am from how I write things and from my profile which is good but also not so good. The good part is that he will know my personality and skills and the bad is that the employer will be know too much about me but in life it comes in phases especially from your photos which shows the kind of person I am and in this case it shows am more outgoing than normal which is in the past but still it will help in deliberating my fate in their business.

4. Personal Branding

I am an enthusiast and a team player who is goal driven and compassionate about his career, To make myself more appealing and worthy for the job am a hard worker and being fresh out from college means I have untapped ideas which will be of much use to the company. And I will put much effort in making the company a success. I am a team player, cooperative and compassionate in what I do, I believe in a sense of equality, fairness and good organizational skills. More about my skills are shown in my Facebook profile which portrays a more rounded person and cooperative person. I have done an event planning and organizing in the college I was at making me have at least a grounded working experience.

5. Future Outlook

In regards to personal branding I’d propose the next big hit will be people creating a blog, using YouTube since a video says more about a person form the appearance to communication. YouTube will be better off than written resumes since it will take a shorter time to do the survey of the person thus making the interview shorter and also you learn more from viewing a person than what is written in papers. The society is now moving away to a more technological world meaning everything will be digitized thus making things easier, faster and better for both parties associated.


Nathan Mendenhall,
January 11, 2014. How to Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media