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Personal and Professional Development


Personal and professional development plan is very important in a business. It involves being able to establish goals to be achieved and how to achieve them through the plan. This report is based on my own personal and professional development through leadership training. It identifies and justifies the appropriate process and activity to implement leadership training plan. It then gives documentation of the activity and reflects on the experience and outcome. Lastly, it discusses on the update of the personal and professional development plan based on the feedback and self-refection.

Table of Contents



3Report and analysis tasks

3Strengths, weaknesses and goals

3Learning style used in the task

4Description of the entire activity

5Documents the learning activity and evaluation the achievement of outcome

5Reflection on development activity

7Conclusion and discussion




It is important to implement and continually review own personal and professional development. It involves recognising ones strengths and weakness and recording the achievements. It is a process of self-analysis, reflection and a critical appraisal on ones strengths and weaknesses (Beausaert et al., 2013). This report is based on personal development plan on leadership training that I received and considers update for the future development.

Report and analysis tasks

Strengths, weaknesses and goals

The use of development activity is to carry out self-analysis, personal reflection and an appraisal of strengths and weaknesses (Stringer & Cheloha, 2003). In order to develop my leadership skills, I was asked to attend group training by experienced colleagues. The activity that I undertook was aimed at enhancing leadership management. My training goals were: develop my interpersonal skills, improve on time management, improve on team leadership, develop my communication skills and improve as a change agent. This was a move to improve on my weakness in leadership. My main weaknesses were in: poor interpersonal skills, lack of proper time management and communication skills. This development activity was undertaken in form of training workshop to enhance skills. To succeed, I used training modules and classes. I undertook leadership training to learn from others based on my learning style. Training is vital since it is based on positive progression approach.

Learning style used in the task

As a pragmatist, I learn through practical tips and techniques coming from experienced person. This made training more important to me since I could learn from others. Moreover, I am an auditory learner. This is type of learner who likes to listen as they learn. In this case, voice acted as the best communication tool in the entire leadership training. The trainer explained the processes which were to be covered and the desired results. Training for leadership included having conversations, brainstorming and talking over the key points so that the participants would remember. For maximum effectiveness, the training process was carried out through paired discussions, self-analyses questionaries and feedback from others. Coaching is an integral part of training to learn new skills. The awareness of learning skills preferences acts as a guideline during training to enhance effectiveness. This is due to fact that failure to acknowledge the differences in learning styles leads to the trainees opting out mentally even in cases where they are attending. In addition, when the trainees are forced into new learning styles, they tend to avoid the learning environment. Training for leadership was essential since it equipped one in skills required to perform in high capacities. It is also an investment for professional development and ensures success in ones field of practice. The fact that I was poor in leadership skills required looking for means to gain them. It is form of personal development which is critical for the organisational success. Thorough leadership training is critical in ensuring that one can lead others to success (Allio, 2005). Moreover, the skills that are taught in the educational institutions are in some cases inadequate for professional world.

Description of the entire activity

The activity was carried out in a training workshop setting with an instructor. The leadership training started by acknowledging the participants’ learning styles. This is due to fact that the trainers were aware of the importance of learning preferences. The learning materials were designed and arranged in such a way to optimise effectiveness of training. First, we were taught on the skills required to lead a team and manage tasks. These were skills which we had not been taught at school hence were very critical. The course focused on time management, types of leadership, team leadership, delegating tasks appropriately and interpersonal skills. On the first day, the trainer started on the interpersonal skills. The soft skills required to relate with other people were taught and practised. The main aim was to improve interacting with other people. The second class focused on time management. Time schedules were introduced and the participants taught on the critical importance of time in leadership. The participants were taught on how to plan and utilise time more effectively. Team leadership was taught on the fourth lecture. The trainer focused on the critical aspects required for the leaders to ensure that the team remains cohesive (Sogunro, 1997). This included being taught on conflict resolution and task allocation. The participants were also taught on how to delegate tasks based on skills. By the time the training was over, it was possible for all participants to participate in several activities which included leadership demonstrations. This was a successful development plan.

Documents the learning activity and evaluation the achievement of outcome

I recorded my development through a written journal throughout the development period. This recording was detailed on the development work that has been undertaken during the period. I entered the logs on the discussions undertaken during the training to document on my progress. This is attached in the appendix.

Reflection on development activity

My performance during the training was exceptional. I was able to gain leadership skills and knowledge which I did not have. I was able to attain my goals which were to enhance my interpersonal skills, to improve on time management and gain skills in conflict resolution in the workplace. I was able to attain these goals and also learn new skills on leadership. I required hand on experience and a mentor and this learning development was able to give me. Gaining leadership skills have been a major determinant of success in my field. This is due to fact that I am required to lead others in my career.

I have learnt that I have a great potential in leadership. Previously, I could not lead teams effectively despite the efforts that I had made. The training taught me that I can lead others without compromising on other aspects of work. Time management has shown that leadership makes it possible to manage time without compromising others when carried out through proper time management. I have learnt that to be an effective leader, I must be able to match the employees with jobs that fit their talents. In addition, I must be able to match the employees learning programs based on their learning styles. This is through programs that are flexible and capable of handling various learning agilities.

The development plan taught me that a leader is expected to influence others to attain a specific goal. I also learnt that with good leadership skills, it is possible to enhance the effectiveness of the subordinates and also improve on the compliance. As a person who had experienced challenges in communication, I was able to learn on the importance of effective communication in leadership. The leader is a communicator and hence plays an important role in passing of information and interpersonal communication skills. The training taught us on the interpersonal skills which are required on leadership. This involved the ability to communicate with others and also listening to them. The leader is expected to listen to others and analyse their perceptions. This is the only way that understanding can be enhanced where everyone is actively listening.

I was taught on how to be a direction setter and a change agent. This is through helping to lead changes and set new directions for the organisation. This is one of the most vita aspects of leadership that I learnt. It involved being able to formulate a change strategy and leading the team to a specific direction. During the training, the trainer insisted on the need to act as role model during the leadership. This helps to address challenges experienced during change.

Overall, I have been able to learn that I have a leadership potential that I have not been fully utilising. Previously, I engaged in very few leadership activities. I have been able to discover that I can improve on my leadership skills and become a better leader. I have learnt that my poor performance in previous leadership sessions were due to lack of practice and training. The training has also shown me that leadership is not hard as I had thought.

Conclusion and discussion

My performance on leadership training was average and hence the need to improve it. Therefore, I aim at spending more time in improving my leadership skills. Practice will be required and the time spend on leadership coaching will be increased. I will keep a record of leadership activities that I undertake to improve. The main aim of my updated development plan is to increase knowledge and skills to match the market needs.

My next development plan will have to enhance my leadership qualities. This is especially on enhancing strategic thinking. I have learnt that true leadership requires being able to have a vision where one wants to be and how to get there. Then, one has to work in attaining this vision. Moreover, the next plan will also include training on problem solving. I have learnt that a leader is a problem solver and this is an aspect that I was not able to fully develop.

I have also seen the need to include commitment as a goal in my next development plan. This update is based on the fact that a leader is expected to lead by example. I have learnt that being able to prove commitment helps one to earn respect and motivate others. Once a leader gains respect from the team, it becomes possible to deliver more. The updated plan will also include how to inspire others. Training on best ways to inspire others makes it possible for the team to see the vision. Training to inspire others makes it possible to be a leader who can make others dedicated and improve their morale. I will include personal development to enhance my skills. This will be based on overall development to succeed in my field. I will have to look for a mentor who will be providing feedback on my training. To sum up, my personal development plan was a success. Despite this, there is need to update the plan. Planning is vital since it acts as a platform to set goals and come up with ways on achieving them.


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Beausaert, S., Segers, M., Fouarge, D., & Gijselaers, W. 2013, ‘Effect of using a personal development plan on learning and development’, Journal of Workplace Learning, vol.25, no.3, pp.145-158.

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Development Need: Enhancing leadership skills

Activity: Leadership training

Date of Activity:

What happened in this activity (brief description of what you did – having an experience)

I enrolled into a leadership training workshop to enhance my leadership skills. The trainer was an experienced professional who coached us based on our learning styles. I attended several lectures and activities which included teamwork.

What I thought and felt during and after the activity (reflecting on the experience)

During the activity, I felt engaged and part of the training. I liked the approach used which was based on my learning style. I was able to learn a lot on how to enhance my interpersonal skills, lead teams and also mentor others. It was a great experience which gave me insight in successful leadership.

What I learned from completing the activity (concluding from the experience)

From the activity, I learnt that everyone can be a leader when given the right training. I learnt that I can improve on my weakness and become a successful leader. I have a leadership potential that I can exploit to help me in my professional and personal development. Moreover, I was able to appreciate the adherence to learning styles to ensure comprehensive understanding during training.

What I will do as a result from this experience (planning the next steps)

From this experience, I will work hard to improve on my skills. I will undertake more personal development activities on leadership to ensure that I succeed in my field. I will have to enhance and improve on what I have learnt on leadership.

Personal development record

Period covering

What did you do?

What did you learn from this?

How have/will you use this? Any further action?

Trained on developing my interpersonal skills.

Trained on time management.

Trained on team leadership.

Developed my communication skills.

Trained on improving as a change agent.

This was one of the main goals in the activity.

I aimed at enhancing my time management as a leader.

I was poor in team leadership hence the need to train.

To improve on my communication skills.

I wanted to learn how to be a change agent.

I learnt that interpersonal skills can be developed over time.

Time management is critical in leadership to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Team leadership skills are obtainable and critical for team success.

Communication is a vital aspect of leadership. Communication helps in delegating tasks.

As a leader, one has to be a change agent.

I will continue enhancing my leadership skills. this is in all aspects that I have learnt.

Personal development plan

What do I want/need to learn? (specific and realistic)

Where was this need identified?

What will I do to achieve this? (achievable)

What resources or support will I need? (awareness of limitations and opportunities)

What will my success criteria be? (measurable)

Target dates for review and completion (time constrained)

Develop my interpersonal skills

@Personal and Professional Development 3

improve on time management

@Personal and Professional Development 3 1

Improve on team leadership

@Personal and Professional Development 3 2

Develop my communication skills

@Personal and Professional Development 3 3

Improve as a change agent

I realised that I was poor in interpersonal skills during teamwork.

I have been facing challenge in managing time especially during teamwork

I have been facing difficulties in leading others

My communication skills were poor during a recent teamwork.

Leading change has been a major weakness for me before this training.

Leadership training and practice.

Leadership training and practice.

Leadership training and practice.

Leadership training and practice.

Leadership training and practice.

Training venue, mentor and time.

Training venue, mentor and time.

Training venue, mentor and time.

Training venue, mentor and time.

Training venue, mentor and time.

Being able to lead and communicate with others.

Managing time properly.

Ability to manage team and lead them.

Communicate with team properly.

Lead change successfully.