Performance of the Blackfriars Priory School

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Performance of the Blackfriars Priory School


Blackfriars Priory School was started by the Dominican Fathers in 1953. The school handles and takes care of young boys, more so between Year 3 to Year 12. In the early years, Blackfriars Priory School had Dominican priests as teachers. These teachers wore white frocks. However, lay teachers gradually joined the institutions in the later years. Some of the lay teachers in the school are Mr. Ronald Hopkin and Mr. Stephen Stockdale-Hall. Currently, the school has a covered outdoor area for learning, which is easily accessible to both the teachers and the students (O’hearn 2013). The school has an instrumental music and a multi-purpose hall that helps the teachers in catering for the needs of the young boys. The strong curriculum of the school focuses on numeracy, literacy, religious education, English, and student wellbeing. One good thing about the school is that it provides the students with the chance to learn the culture and language of Australia through a dynamic Australian curriculum (O’hearn 2013). During the school hours, the young students are given the opportunity to take part in sports and other physical education programs.

The data provided on Myschool website is very important in helping in the assessment of the performance of Blackfriars Priory School. The data provide information about the staff of the school, which can help one in knowing whether to take his or her son to the school. One important thing to know is that in any organization, staff determines the performance of the organization (Porta 2011). Therefore, providing information about the staff can help one know how the school performs. An important data given about the staff is how the school has used the Teaching for Effective Learning Framework, which is a valuable resource for the school in organizing its goals, objectives, and professional learning community goals. This information helps in learning whether the school is heading towards improved student well-being and learning outcomes.

The data provided in Myschool website include the attendance of the student by year level. The attendance data helps in knowing the average number of students in the school per day, which helps the school management and teachers plan how to manage the students. The data provided also shows the results of the students by class level in different subjects. These include reading, writing, numeracy, grammar and punctuation, and spelling. The data given includes the school’s mean score and the percentage of students in the school that has achieved the NMS (National Minimum Standards). The performance data helps the parents and other interested parties know how the school fares, and whether they should enroll the students to the school.

The data provided on the website about the performance of the school can help the interested parties know how the school performed in the previous year, and the aspirations the school have for the current year. For instance, the information provided can help one in knowing how the school performed on both education and extra-curriculum activities such as excursions and camps. The performance data also helps in knowing about the leadership consistency of the school. It helps in knowing how the school has stabilized the position of class teacher placement throughout the year. The information also helps in assessing how the school has performed in keeping clear, explicit, and time communication. The data provided is important as it helps in one knowing about the consistent and shared opportunities for the students, which are provided in different classes but the same year. This information also helps in knowing how the school recognizes the talents and achievements of the students.

The data provided on the website can help one gain feedback about the performance of the school, where one can depend on the information on judging where the teachers are more precise in meeting the needs and requirements of the students. The data provide information on each end of year, which helps in evaluating whether the school is going to achieve better results in the following year. Using the indicators and domains provided by the website, it is possible to determine what the teachers have taught the students, and what they are aiming to explore. The data show that the use of professional learning model in the school can help in satisfying the requirements and needs for the teachers, which can in return give the teachers future directions.

The data given on the Myschool website can help one in assessing the performance of the teachers on the students. The data show that the student leadership team was asked for feedback about the teachers and learning experience, where the information provided the teachers with the chance to improve the studies and well-being of the students (Lund & Kirk, 2010). The data provided the students can help one in judging whether the institution has managed to make the students happy, and if so, how they have managed to make them happy. In using this data, it is possible to evaluate the success of the institution in motivating and encouraging the young boys in school.

The information provided to the school by the Myschool website is also important because it helps one in realizing the goals and objectives that the school has set for the carers and parents. The reason behind this is because the data has a satisfaction scale for the parents and an opportunity for them to write comments and suggestions. The data provide information about the areas the carers and parents think that the school performs well in school, and the areas they think should be improved. Through this information, one can understand what he or she needs to know about the performance of the institutions, how the institution connects with the parents, and how support from the parents can help improve the institution. One important thing to understand is that the involvement of parents plays a very important role in the performance of the school (Kelly & Saunders 2014). Thus, understanding how the school involves the parents helps one in understanding the current performance of the institution and the possibilities of the institution recording an improvement. The data provide affirmative information about the school, including the areas that the school can improve the services that it gives the families.

The Myschool website gave data about the attendance of students at the school, which can help the parents make sure that the attendance of their children at the school is regular. In doing this, parents will help the school optimize the learning. The student attendance data helps the parents make a decision about the attendance of their children, where the school requires the parents to make a prior report to the school if their children are going to miss school. The teachers record how the student attends school in the management program. The management program plays a great role in making a decision whether one should bring their children to the school or not. The reason behind this is the fact that a school with a good attendance means that learning in carried out smoothly (Bosberry-Scott, 2010). Therefore, if Blackfriars Priory School has a good attendance as shown by the data given in the website, parents can decide on enrolling their children in the school.

Systems view of assessing organisational performance

In using the systems view of assessment, the data provided on the website can help in assessing the organization problem-solving skills of the organization. The data can also help in knowing the performance improvement of the school. In this school, using the provided data, the organizational problem was the large number of absentees during school hours. The management saw the act of parents calling to communicate about the possibilities of their children missing school as a way of solving the problem. This was thrusting a systems approach to evaluating and assessing the development needs and management training at the school (MySchool website, 2016).

The scientific rational view of organisational performance

From a rational system point of view, the school is an instrument designed to attain some objectives. Some of the rational words that can be used in this perspective are efficiency, implementation, data, information and design. Other terms include authority, directives, performance programs, rules, and coordination.


The data provided on the website of myschool can help one in knowing about the performance of the Blackfriars Priory School. For instance, the data provide information about the staff of the school, which can help one in knowing whether to take his or her son to the school. The data provided also include the average attendance of students, which can help a parent evaluate the possibilities of the school’s performance when it comes to students. Thus, it is possible for one to check the performances of the school using the provided data before enrolling their children in the school.


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