People of the covenant Essay Example

Reading 3

Let justice roll down: the Old Testament, ethics and the Christian Life (pp.145-197). Louiseville: Westminster/John Knox.Birch, B. (1991). People of the covenant. In

The term covenant Birch’s chapter is divided into three sections:
is used in the Hebrew Scriptures to speak of God’s singular relationship to ancient Israel. Central to the life, faith and worship of the people is the conviction that God chose to enter into a particular relationship with them. This covenantal relationship contained both promise and demand, and constituted their distinctiveness as a people, ‘the chosen people’.

  • The God who makes covenant pp. 146-157

  • The moral dynamics of Israelite law pp. 157-172

  • The shape of covenant community pp. 172 -184.

People of the covenant

Activity 4

Use Worksheet 4 The Sinai Covenant and Social Justice to summarise the key ideas of each of these themes in turn from the reading.

Module 2. Worksheet 4.

The Sinai Covenant and Social Justice.

People of the covenant 1