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Peer feedback

Peer feedback

The PR outline that was written by Brenda Edge is satisfactory. It is well organized from the first topic to the last one. The ideas in each section flow well which makes it easier for anyone to expand it more when while writing the final project. The outline provides an excellent blueprint that can be used to build the project successfully from the initial stage up to the final stage. One of its major strengths is that it provides detailed information in each section. Therefore, making it easy for the reader to understand and comprehend.

However, the outline contains a few grammatical errors which can lead to delivering the wrong information. Some people may not get every idea that is represented in the outline while others may have a different meaning of a word that is misspelt. Grammatical mistakes are just minor errors that may have a great impact on the reader or anyone using the outline (Wilson & Sperber, 2015). The weakness can be corrected by proofreading the work and ensuring that all the details are correct.

The outline has met 90% of the requirement in critical element II. The writer was able to handle each part successfully by providing accurate information and ensuring that everything is direct to the point. Most outlines are not well researched making them have little details about the main projects. Therefore, it makes it challenging to implement the ideas into the final project. However, Brenda’s outline contains accurate information that is extensive and could be easily implemented into the project.


Wilson, D., & Sperber, D. (2015). Outline of relevance theory. HERMES-Journal of Language and Communication in Business3(5), 35-56.