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Part of the learning portfolio

Assessment Question: Using three ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex, evaluate the employment practices of Wal-Mart.

Topic word(s)

Ethical principles

Focus word(s)

Employment practices in Wal-Mart

Instruction word(s)

Evaluate- analyze how the principles are applied and give supporting evidence

Limiting word(s)

Three – only requires three ethical principles

Rewritten Question

Analyze how organizations apply the ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex, in the employment practices

Reference one

Devero, J, A. 2007. Powered by principle: using core values to build world-class organizations. House

Annotation 1

This scholarly written book the author explains the principles that distinguish an organization from the others. He explains that the principles applied by an organization determine how it performs. Powered by the principle, the management always uses deep-rooted values to make decisions pertaining to the employees.

Main argument

The dignity principle entails respect for employees, privacy and confidentiality, expressions, association, health, safety, security, training and development for the employees. Devero (2007) explains that using principles will lead organizations to greater heights and distinguish it from the other organizations. He observes that Wal-mart does not apply the principle of dignity as characterized by a policy by a manager that aimed to ensure efficiency and make sure that employees are not paid for hours they did not work. He required the floor staff and cashers to punch out anytime they visited the restroom. This undignified act violates individual respect. It is also an offensive policy for the employees, as they do not enjoy the individual privacy. Everyone had to know that they visited the washroom. This was an attempt to ensure that the company do not pay idle time but the policies they put in place to check this is very offensive to the employees.

Usefulness and relevance

This article in relevant in this study because, it shows that despite Wal-mart being an international company, it is not following the dignity principle in its employment practices.

Reference 2

White, C 2006. The Spirit Of Disobedience: Resisting The Charms Of Fake Politics, Mindless Consumption, And The Culture Of Total Work, New York; PoliPointPress

Annotations 2

This scholarly article examines how organizations exploit their employees though policies that appear to protect them.

Main discussion

Wal-mart has been accused continuously of not holding on to the principle of equality. According to White (2006), The company coerces the employees to work even during lunch breaks at poverty wages. The company is using the part-time slavery as a strategy to increase productivity

Usefulness and relevance

This book is relevant as it clearly shows how much the company is violating the pricciple of equality. It explains has the company uses bad employment policies by exploiting the employees.

Reference 3

Drogin, R. (2003), Statistical Analysis Of Gender Patterns In Wal-Mart Workforce, Roxbury Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA, .

Annotation 3

This scholarly article examines the gender patterns and discrimination at Wal-Mart Inc. it examines how women are discriminated.

Main Discussion

According to Dgogin 2003, statistics show that there is wide discrimination and inequality in Wal-mart. Women are not exposed to being managers. The employees’ population is comprised of 75% women but only 33% are in a management position. This clearly shows discrimination against women. The female employees also get lower salaries than their male counterparts do.


This article is relevant because it reveals that Wal-mart does not apply the principle of fairness in its practices.

Reference 4

Human Rights watch, 2007 Discounting Right. New York, Human rights watch publications. /


The human rights watch has constantly been in conflict with the Wal-Mart Inc due to its employment policies.

Main discussion

According to the human rights watch, Wal-Mart company has been accused of punishing employees discriminatively. Those employees who support the management are not punished as much as those opposed to their policies. This is an indication of failure to hold the principles on employment practices.


This article is relevant as it shows that even outside stakeholders have realized that the organization does not apply the principle on employment practices.

Reference 5

Werner, S et-al 2008 managing human resources, Victoria; Centage learning


The authors of this scholarly book give an insight on how successful companies and organizations manage their employees to be able to compete effectively with other industries.

Main discussion

They have observed that most female employees in Wal-mart feel that their male colleagues receive higher salaries than they without any particular reason do. This means that workers in Wal-Mart are rewarded depending on one’s gender, and not on merit. Each organization should have a policy of appreciating staff that is not so to one gender.


This book is relevant to this research because it helps us understand that the organization does not apply the principle equality in the employment policies.

Reference 6

Enlight Cleverland, 2006 The Boat With Employee Recognition. Ohio, Cleverland


This article evaluates an article written in the New York Times THAT Wal-Mart on Wal-Mart’s plans to improve employee recognition. The article observes that the company is trying to polish its image by appreciating the employees.

Main discussion


This article is relevant in showing that Wal-Mart has failed to uphold the fiduciary principle on its employment practices.

Reference 7

MacDonald, C ( 2008) Women At Wal-Mart $ Employee Loyalty;


This non-scholarly article analyses the advertisement by Wal-Mart using women displaying playboys. This article observes that the employees have to oblige with the employer’s decision since they owe the employer loyalty. This shows that Wal-Mart management uses its power to force the employees into doing things that are offensive to the employees. This violates the employee’s right.


This article is relevant in this research because it analyzes how the management of Wal-Mart uses their position to force employees to do what they do not want. The article also shows that the organization does not apply the fiduciary principle that ensures employee loyalty and diligence.

Reference 8

Schacht, C, et-al 2010. Understanding Social Problems, Victoria; Centage learning


This scholarly article identifies the macro and micro problems facing the society. There is effect on practices that the organization applies.

Main discussion

Wal-Mart Inc has constantly faced legal suits on its way of approach to the employees. According to Schacht, et-al (2010), the company has the largest suits on employment discrimination. The company faces a risk of paying billions of money as damages to the employees who have filed the cases.


This book is relevant because it identifies the suits filed against the company. The cases show that the company has not applied the principles on employment practices.

References 9

Hogler, R, L 2004. Employment Relations In The United States:

Law, Policy, And Practice, Bingley, Bingley;Sage

Annotations 9

This scholarly article analyses the importance of labor organizations and the effect of bargaining power. It also analyses the rise of employee rights, and how they are administered through judicial and administrative means.

Main discussions

The company, according to Hogler (2004) has failed to establish a union for its employees. This is to avoid the employees from having rights over the discrimination in the company. The employees lack a common voice to fight for their rights. The company uses discrimination to avoid the workers from forming a union. The workers against the policies are punished while those supporting the management are rewarded.


This book is relevant because it highlights the importance of labor unions in organizations. when the unions are not there, workers’ rights are violated as in the case for Wal-Mart.

Reference 10

Griffin, R, W 2010. Management, Victoria: Centage learning

Annotations 10

This book examines negotiation and organizational justice. It elaborates the power of labor unions on negotiations with the management.

Main Discussion

Many organizations usually prefer that employees do not form unions as they limit the management when it comes to freedom. Management thus convinces the employees not to form the unions, which they would use to negotiate for their rights. This is the case with Wal-Mart. It has failed to establish unions for the workers. This way the company can violate their rights without fear.


The book is relevant because it explains why the organizations fail to establish unions for the employees. This is the same reason why Wal-Mart Inc fails to establish the union for the workers.

Section 3


Besen, Y, & Kimwel, MS, 2006. At Sam»s Club, No Girls Allowed: The Lived Experience Of Sex Discrimination, New York:Emerald Publishing Group.


This scholarly article aims to provide an understanding into the sex discrimination against women in Wal-Mart Inc. the article gives seeks to get the female perspective of sex discrimination that they go through every day in the line of the duty at Wal-Mart. The authors interview current and former employees of the company to get their experiences. The article gives details of how sex discrimination happens in the day-day operations of the company. The paper gives a lot of evidence through its research into the sex discrimination.

Main argument and research

The aim of this article was to obtain an in-depth understanding and analysis into how sex discrimination takes place a work place, specifically at Wal-Mart. The authors use the approanc of taking statements from over one hundred and ten former and current female employees of Wal-Mart. They gave their experiences while working at Wal-Mart, and how sex discrimination affected them. The research found out that sex discrimination resulted from gendered assumptions and small acts, which appear as harmless and supportive. This paper is limited in the sense that it only focuses on the process of sex discrimination but do not take into account the end-result of the process of sex discrimination. The paper does not provide information of what happens next after the sex discriminations.

Usefulness and reflection

This paper helps us in our research in that, it gives us insight into how Wal-Mart into how women are discriminated. I will use this paper to evaluate where Wal-Mart applies the Global Business Standards Codex ethical employment principles, specifically, the principle on sex discrimination.