Part-B- Practical Assessment Essay Example

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Practical Assessment Report


The use of excel spreadsheets has risen over time when it comes to analyzing raw fact data into meaningful information for use in decision-making process. Its use has exponentially shot up in learning institutions where it is usually used in analyzing the performance of students in class. This paper therefore is a report that uses the student practical assessment results to analyze the performance of the students. The student population for this particular subject under scrutiny is 70. Each of the students sat three assessments in this subject i.e. Assignment, Mid-Term and Final Exam and each of the sub assessments were weighted differently. Mid-term marks were out of 50, Assignment was out of 25 and Final Exam was taken out of 100. Mid-term Exam was weighted at 25%, Assignment at 25% and Final Exam accounted for 50% of the total outcome.

Results Analysis

Considering the results for each of the 70 students who sat this subject, a comprehensive analysis can be done. Assuming that if a student’s «Total Marks» is 90 or greater, they receive an “A”, between 80 and 90 is a “B”, between 70 and 80 is a “C”, between 60 and 70 is a “D”, and lower than 60 is an “F”, then we can deduce the following points from the results presented:

First, there was no student who scored an ‘A’ in the final grade since the top student scored 89 percent in the Total Marks. Of the 70 students who sat this paper, 4 students got a ‘B’, the top student included. 11 students got a Final Grade of ‘C’ each followed by a Final Grade of ‘D’ which was obtained by a total of 20 students. The remaining 30 students obtained an ‘F’ each since they got less than 60% in their Final Marks.

The best student overall scored a Total Mark of 89% with a sterling performance in virtually all assessments i.e. Mid-Term: 45/50, Assignment: 20.5/25 and Final Exam: 92/100. On the contrary, the poorest performed student (unlike the top student) scored the poorest in all the three assessments for this subject. His/her performance was as follows: Mid-Term: 10/50, Assignment: 8/25 and Final Exam: 20/100.

In terms of performance per every one of the three assessments, there seems to be a tie in the Average performances of 62 percent in both Mid-Term and Assignment with the Final Exam trailing at an Average Mark of just about 57 percent. Several factors can be attributed to this kind of trend; but of immediate thought is the possibility of cheating and copy-pasting in the Mid-Term and Assignment Tests.


In conclusion therefore, it can be can be pointed out that if the variations between the results for Mid-Term and Assignment against the performance in the Final Exam are anything to go by, then cheating must have been an issue in the other assessments other than the Final Exams. If that is the case, then this report recommends that stringent measures be taken to ensure that these assessments are not merely copied by students. Lecturers could for example consider focusing more on sit-in assessments other than the conventional take-away assignments.

Refer to the Table on page 3 below for these results comprehensively.


Subject: Strategic Management Accounting

Results for Term 5 — 2013

Student No

Mid-Term (%)

Assignment (25%)

Final Marks (50%)

Total Marks

Mid-term + Assignment