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The selected symptoms for the program are anger and sleeping difficulties.

Anger is a common problem that is caused by poor methods of anger management, experiencing several cases of abuse, mismanaging stress, emotional discomfort, frustrations and low self-esteem (Mysahana, 2011). According to Orloff (2012), anger coping strategies include adopting an effective anger management system, which will ensure that one is not subjected to issues and matters related to anger. This includes ensuring that one emotions do not lead towards the development of stress or other stress causing activities.

The main cause of sleeping difficulties is the inherent stress that one develops as a result of several activities during the day (Helpguide, 2013). Insomnia is a key problem, which is associated with sleep disorders and makes one to feel depressed and develop higher levels of anxiety. The problem of sleeping disorder can be avoided by addressing the key causes of lack of adequate sleep (Mind, 2013). This includes ensuring that one keeps off from all types of stress and incase symptoms of insomnia are identified, medical attention is sought to eradicate the problem.