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Prisoner name: Joe Bloggs

Date of Birth: 8th August 1965

Location: Kalgoorlie

Sentence details: EED sex offenses

Specifically, these are crimes against male and female children of age thirteen and below.

Date of Interview:

Date of last CCO contact with the prisoner:

Release considerations: His wifer, daughter, good behavior, and employment

Current offense: sex offenses

The victims were male and female, and extra-familial, unrelated and unknown to Bloggs.

Victim issues

Firstly, he is hoping to be out in time so as to prepare for the AFL finals because he is a fan of the sport. Secondly, he also misses trail bike riding in the hills. He also misses her wife they have been married for 15 years and wants to return to normal life at their owned property at Kalgoorlie. He reports that he has gotten employment at the fruits and vegetable retails shop. Once the owner, Jamison Greg was conducted he ascertained that it is true that he will offer employment to Bloggs.

Previous response to suspension

He had not been subject to any supervision before but records indicate that he complied with two court orders successfully. The first order was a conditional release order in 1995, and the second was a suspended incarceration term that occurred in 1998.

Behavior in prison

His behavior is good as indicated that he has no charges recorded on TOMS. However, he has three incidences of sleeping in past muster. He defended himself by saying that he had not realized that he was getting late. As such, he could have been punctual enough and avoid the lateness issue. This is a clear indication that Bloggs had no record of indiscipline case while he was serving his sentence. This adds up to the need to release him because of the assurance that he must have transformed and needed a second chance with his family. As well, he probably needs time away from the challenges he has experienced while within the prison walls. In addition to the above, the reports indicate that he was occasionally visited by his friend but surprisingly no registered visit by either the wife or daughter.

Programmatic intervention

Bloggs has participated in various courses that are offered in prison. Some of these courses include First Aid, Tai Chi, and Introduction to Italian Cooking. The first Aid program should be elemental in ensuring that once released, and he will be in a better position to apply the learned techniques. For instance, while he will be working in the fruits and vegetable retail shop this should help him deal with any accidents that may require first aid.

The Tai Chi should help him keep fit in life and more so promote his good health once released.

The introduction to the Italian cooking should play a vital role in his family life. once the release order is effected, Bloggs should take the chance to use these cooking techniques to cook delicious meals for the wife and daughter.

He also completed a sex offenders program and 2007, and this is indicated on TOMS. This program was of Medium Intense level. The program must have taught him about the effects and severe consequences of defiling minors and committing and other offense. As such, this should be in a better position to enable him to reform and totally avoid such offenses.

Health issues

The TOMS system indicates that Mr. Bloggs has not had any medical, psychiatric, and psychological assistance throughout the sentence. This is a clear indication that his health is good. Conversely, while he was a child, he had suffered from depression. He was prescribed medication which he took up at the age of fifteen years. He also notes that he had various allergies most significantly when he eats some fruits. However, he reinstates that this will not be in a position to affect him once employed in the fruit shop. It is worth, noting that they have not engaged in smoking or drugs with his family who keeps the very right health wise. This is a clear indication that Mr. Bloggs is fit health wise. He will be in a good shape and form to continue spearheading the goals and objectives of the family. His wife is still working, and once he begins to work, they should together make the family projects complete and fulfill their dreams.

Accommodation and community support

The accommodation situation is suitable despite the initial concerns. The assessment was conducted upon a visit to the home on 12th September 2007. He will be staying with his wife at home, and the address is 121 Goldfield Street Kalgoorlie, 6430. This is close proximity to the local CJS office which will facilitate effective monitoring and surveillance once the release order is effected. As such, we expect that Mr. Blogg will live harmoniously with the family despite the fact that no records of his wife and daughter are visiting him while serving the sentence. As indicated by the TOMS system, only his friends were the occasional visitors. However, the most positive thing is that her wife and daughter promised to support with transport to enable him to get back to work.


The prisoner indicated that he has a good job and presents the contacts of the employer. Her wife and daughter are ready to support him with the transport to work. While in the prison, he worked as a cabinet maker on level two gratuities. In addition to the above, he has worked in various warehouses, retail duties, and light laboring around his area primarily in the availability of jobs that interests him. While he was in school, he considers himself to have been a medium level scholar since he had innovative skills in woodwork and art classes.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS service will not be used to monitor him for now. This is because he is in close proximity to a local CJS office that will ensure that all his steps and behaviors are easily tracked and monitored. However, GPS can still be used as a mitigation strategy in case the local CJS office monitoring doesn’t look substantial. This strategy must be considered well before being implemented since it can affect the offenders psychology and hence his reform process.

Curfew is not cited as one of the risk mitigation strategies. However, if this should be done, a control that works with the GPS monitoring should be incorporated.

Regional Travel Arrangements

The phone conversation with Movement Officer at Acacia Prison confirms that if BLOGGS granted parole, the issue of transfer from prison to prison will not be a problem. This will ensure that the offender is near home for release. Therefore, the nearest prison to him will be Eastern Goldfields Prisons.

Other considerations

Mr. Bloggs should be released since he has shown great willingness to corporate with the orders of release. As well, his previous compliance to the previous orders in 1995 and 1998 is substantial evidence that this is an individual that reforms once rehabilitated. The supervision put in the place should be crucial in ensuring that he does what is prescribed in the order of release. As well, his new job at the retail shop should make him busy to avoid idleness that can trigger his previous offensive behaviors.

Risk assessment

The daughter usually used that babysitter within the compound when required and was reluctant to admit the nature of father’s offenses. However, she states that she will put the necessary protection measures to ensure that the granddaughter will be safe and not at a risk of being offended. To make sure that this is successful there would be a significant need to monitor the offender to prevent him from repeating the offenses. The home environment was assessed to ensure that no children are residing within the region. This will ensure that the offender does not get tempted to repeat his offensive behaviors. As well, the daughter promised to make sure that enough prevention mechanisms are put in place to ascertain that the granddaughter is protected against being a victim.

Likelihood of complying with the order obligations and requirements

He is a very high chance of complying with the order of release. This is primary because he complied with the previous only order he has been supervised on. This is the Intensive Supervision Order issued on 1st January 1999 and was successfully completed on 31st December 1999. This is a clear affirmation that we have strong confidence that he will not violate the new release order for his benefits.


Mr. Bloggs should live at home since no children are living in the area. The main reason is that the records reveal that there are increasing cases over the five years for him to offend the minors. By allowing to stay around the home will minimize the availability of children and thus will ensure that he doesn’t get tempted to repeat the offenses.

In addition to the above, there are no facilities near where children can congregate. He admits that he didn’t know any of the offenders and but he saw them from school. Therefore, ensuring that there are no schools around this place will be essential in ensuring that he doesn’t repeat the offenses.

Also, Mr. Blooggs has gotten an employment opportunity at one of the fruit and vegetable retailer owned by Jamison Greg. This will enable him to be busy as he tries to reform and forget the past. As well, the offender once released will under the supervision of a local CJS office. This is the office that will ensure that all the movements and behaviors of Bloggs are monitored, and any sigh of violation of the release order will amount to the cancellation of the order. Therefore, because of all these reasons and other mentioned above I recommend that Mr. Bloggs be released and supervised.

Accommodation: His wife

Address: 121 Goldfield Street Kalgoorlie, 6430.

Employment: Mr. Greg Jamison

Greg’s fruit n’ veg Store at 2 Prime Street Kalgoorlie (6430).

Additional requirements: prescribed conditions and restrictions

Supervision: Local CJS Office at Suite 9, 35 Brockman Street Kalgoorlie (6430).

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Community Corrections Center: