Executive summary Essay Example

Executive summary

Invention and engineering effort play critical parts in promoting sustainability in various fields. For a long period of time, engineers have been crucial in bringing about innovation and enhancing the society. Engineering is a broad field of study and career and every category plays a crucial role in enhancing the lives of different individuals in the society. It is advisable for every engineer to identify their unique innovation and push it through as a way of achieving effectiveness. This piece of paper examines the concept of geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal energy can be defined as an energy source that presents itself in the form of heat within the earth’s surface. It is a form of energy that has been used for many years for instance in bathing in hot springs. As time goes by, geothermal innovation has grown in popularity and importance in the society, an aspect that has made it a key topic of focus. The major benefit that is associated with this engineering innovation is the fact that it is sustainable. This is more so since the energy involved is clean and renewable. Therefore, this means that it reduces negative effects on the environment and climate change in general.

The report will show the significance of innovation in enhancing sustainability and entrepreneurship in engineering. Geothermal energy and its impacts on the environment will also be highlighted. Also, the ethical issues and challenges associated with engineers will be examined. The relationship between engineers and sustainability will as well be highlighted and recommendations given. Finally, competencies exhibited by engineers in geothermal energy innovation will be discussed.


Geothermal energy is a form of energy that is stored as heat within the earth’s surface. Temperatures go higher as the deepness increases to earth core, with the mantle of the core periphery going to in excess of 4000 degree Celsius. Geothermal energy got various uses such as bathing in a hot spring and warming and cooling homes. The energy is renewable and hence safe on the environment. It can be used in applications or just as a source of power. Since the energy is renewable, it is adequate to fulfil vast energy requirements for a long period of time. In Australia, geothermal sector is at its early stages. The water and rock temperatures are elevated in the crust for in the excess of 370 degree Celsius. The use of geothermal energy can reduce service bills significantly.

The primary use of geothermal vitality can be traced over ten thousand years ago in by American Paleo-Indians from N. America. Water oozing high temperature springs was used in cleaning, washing as well as cooking. The major modern utilization of geothermal energy happened in late 18th century in Pisa, Italy. Steam from vents was used in separation of boric corrosion from the high temperature pools, also referred as Larderello fields. One of the most sustainable and innovative source of energy is geothermal lowering temperature and elevating temperature system which works by transferring heat as opposed to changing chemical power to heat power. Another application of geothermal power is geothermal heating pump used to transfer heat between the structure, an earth association used in the exchange of heat between liquid and earth and appropriation subsystem utilized for moving warmth and coolness effects to the structure. It can be used for domestic as well as industrial purposes and is preferred because it is sustainable, reliable, effective and environmentally friendly. It offers humidity, heating and cooling control.

The report will give an in-depth discussion of geothermal heating and cooling system.