Peer Review about the Benefits of water testing Essay Example

This paper analyzes the benefit of water and the importance of safe water. Basically, water is a need that everyone may need since it’s a necessity in our daily use. The introduction part of the paper articulates the logical argument about the topic of discussion. However, the paper should have talked more about cost analysis of the services provided to various households. “Unsafe water can cause many health problems, so clean water can have many health benefits”. In reference, safe water is necessary to avoid water born diseases specifically to the children. However the papers should have discussed the efficiency and competence of public water services testing of water procedures. This provides an avenue for people to know the models used to get safe water.

The paper also does not give a coherent approach on other major concerns such as the sewerage systems that are mostly adjacent to water pipes. This is in relation to the bursts of sewerage systems due to overload and may results to health risks that may jeopardize the services to clean water. The paper demonstrates a logical counterargument in that “Water is being used as both a non-renewable source by people using it, and a renewable source for using water to generate power”. The sources of the paper are credible and effective in supporting thesis argument demonstrating the quality of the topic of discussion. In conclusion, the paper should have discussed on the measures and precautions that should be taken by relevant authorities to avert crisis when need arises for future preparations.