Overview and rationale of the final logo

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The Upper Crust Bakery has moved to a new location and is in need of a new logo. The company is well known for its bakery items (breads, muffins, etc.) as well as desserts. Upper Crust bakes its items fresh daily using local products. From the one hand, what the company wanted from the design of the logo was succinct and was to reflect their new relocation. Specifically, the client wanted a new logo to reflect its business. On the other hand, the logo was to include text of the business name as well as a symbol but it needs to be scalable and used on a wide variety of media formats.

Insight and Knowledge of the Company in Designing the right Logo

One insight and knowledge of the company is that after relocating, Upper Crust Bakery was looking for fundamental core and idea concept that could represent their corporate image. As a result, the logo was designed to reflect everything the Company was doing, everything it was going to own and everything it was going to produce which generally, the logo reflects the aims and values of the business as whole. Secondly, the Company was concerned with getting a logo that reflected the consistency of its core ideas and values that drives it and reflects what it stands for, what their customers believe in and why it exists. It is for this reason that the logo as designed was not about the colours or some typefaces but a logo and a slogan that can be termed as emotionally humanist logo that connects with people so that when they buy breads or muffins they feel part of the brand.


The process of designing the logo for Upper Crust Bakery was broken down in five different steps. The first step was design brief where an interview was conducted with the Company to get the design brief and what the Company wanted from the design of the logo. The next process was research. After gathering the Company’s views and needs in the new location, the designing process delves deeper into establishing themes that were going to benefit the needs of customers and the Company. The third process was brainstorming and conceptualization. At this stage, the design identified key expressions related to the Company and these words were used to create psychological effect and inspire the needed visual representation of Upper Crust Bakery. The fourth process was client feedback where the draft design was sent to Upper Crust Bakery for consideration. Additionally, the draft design was delivered contextually so as to help Upper Crust Bakery envision how the logo would look on a piece of collateral. The last process was delivery of the logo once the client was happy with the draft logo.

On the other hand, the psychology of design principles utilized remained critical in promoting the image of the Company. First, the logo shape did not only reflect the shape of breads and muffins for Upper Crust Bakery but also portrayed the most visible brand that had powerful psychological forces. The jagged edges of the bread as shown in the logo was an extension of Gestalt theory where it helped the brain of the intended customer to unify the visual elements they saw to form the whole that carries the core value of the company (Jiang et al., 2016). The psychological intrigues and designs in the logo help in communicating the brand message by forming part of the overall brand and identification of bakery in its simplest form.


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