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Outline in own words what attributes should be possessed by rural dental practitioner? Essay Example

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Outline of a good rural dentist

Attributes for a good rural dental practitioner.

A rural dental practitioner handles dental cases in a rural setting. Rural residents may not be as civilized as their urban counterparts. Dental practitioners handling these cases must exhibit the appropriate character and professional traits in order to develop harmonious working and social relationships with the residents. A good practitioner should have good communication skills and be a good listener. While trying to explain their symptoms and oral problems, a good listener who doesn’t interrupt is more appreciated. Active listening facilitates smooth operations and better understanding.

Empathy: a practitioner should be able to understand and empathize with patients who haven’t taken appropriate care of their teeth. Instead of being disappointed by them, he should be able to educate them on proper oral care to avoid future complications.

Humorous: this helps to calm nervous patients, especially children, putting them at ease and assisting them to concentrate on maintaining better dental hygiene in the future instead of focusing on past failures and being ashamed of their ignorance.

Patience: practitioners should be patient with their patients and not rush them or form any assumptions. Patience helps the dentist develop rapport with the patients, making any other visits a lot easier.

Motivating: A dental practitioner should work at motivating the people in the rural setting to maintain and practice better dental care. This is done through educating instead of condemning them for improper oral hygiene.

Self-Discipline: the practitioner should maintain good moral standards and uphold proper self discipline. The dentist should see patients promptly and serve with consistency so as to win patients’ trust.