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Project Management

Project Management

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Overseeing issues and delegating duties will depend on the raid down structure. Rosas realised that the project of Jaguar limited required teamwork which lead to the formation of project organisation structure to help in delegating responsibilities. This means that each team is delegated with a specific pattern of responsibilities that the members must adhere to. Only by doing so would the project be considered completely accomplished. Without cooperation and camaraderie among the workers or the members of the team, the fulfilment of each small goal cannot be expected. It must be realized that terms are given assignments and not being able to accomplish such pat assignments make the entire project weaker. The organisation structure shows clearly the flow of information in the project. This will ensure that the project is closely monitored thus its success is guaranteed. There is a possibility of regular reporting because of the structure adapted

Jaguar master plan is designed in a manner that it will serve the needs of the clients successfully. The plan will receive support from environmentalist because it contains environmental test. It also contains training plan which will lead to support from employees. Laboratory test will lead to production of products that are acceptable to customers.

Having acceptable master plan and organisation structure for the project, accurate project information including linkage of tasks and duration will be possible and assist in providing guidance and goals to be achieved by team members. Only through this a project’s closure could be evaluated to be successful and up to part in connection with the expectations that have been set to manifest the worth of the project that has been completed.


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