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Detailed Analysis of Organizational Behavior of Google Company


Google, Inc. is a Corporation started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. The corporation’s headquarters is situated in Mountain View, California and was established mainly as an Internet search engine (Google, 2015). Besides being a search engine, Google provides diverse products and services (Google, 2015).

How the company deals with its customers / suppliers?

Google Corporation transacts business with its customers in a number of ways. Firstly, it has come up with innovations such as search, email, Chrome and others in order to simplify customers’ access to information as well as enabling customers simplify their operations (Google, 2015). Google enables many business prosper both offline and online by providing them with various tools (Google, 2015). For example, the corporation offers advertising tools which includes texts ads as well as elaborate media ads which are important in the acquisition and retention of customers (Google, 2015).

An important positioning of Google Inc. is the delivery of appropriate and affordable internet advertising (Google, 2015). The invention of AdWords operation (important program for targeted advertising) has enabled various businesses to market their offerings to their target markets. Furthermore, the development of AdSense application has enhanced online advertising for the benefit of businesses and customer satisfaction (Google, 2015).

In order to enhance inclusivity of all people in its offerings, Google Inc. serves its users in forty two languages with the choice of making payments in forty eight currencies (Google, 2015). This move has helped many individuals and even firms enjoy Google products and services beyond limits.

Google also ensures the security and privacy of its customers’ data (More, Vij, & Mukhopadhyay, n.d, p.2). To accomplish this, the Corporation provides cloud computing program which is a computer server which enables customers to have their data stored and retrieve them whenever they need them. Google therefore allows users to maintain large quantity of data (More, Vij, & Mukhopadhyay, n.d, p.2)

According to Google, (2015), Google Inc. strives to offer its customers impartial access to what they looking for, emphasizing on their needs and preferences and working tirelessly to provide high quality products and services. In their pursuit of these obligations, the Corporations adhere to laws, working sustainably, diligently and with dignity (Google, 2015).

Lastly, Google has developed a social network called Google+ mainly for business people (Google, 2015). This social network allows business to benefit from a platform of improved interrelationships with individual members, team members and even customers. These interrelations is necessary for the success of businesses (Google, 2015)

What are the issues on how Google deals with its customers?

There is a concern by a number of companies and even individuals pertaining to Google’s ranking of the search pages as well as fairness of its search results (Steiber & Alänge, 2013, p.248). One particular concern is the alleged Google’s discrimination against up newly established websites and give more attention established ones (Steiber & Alänge, 2013, p.248). Besides, there is an accusation by that Google favored its own services in the search results rather than providing unbiased services to its customers (Steiber & Alänge, 2013, p.248). These concerns have created negative perceptions in the public domain as far as Google is concerned (Steiber & Alänge, 2013, p.248).

In reference to Google search results; there is a tendency by users to depend on first pages of these Google results. Users tend to neglect other pages of their search results. This can hinder them from getting diverse results for the benefit of getting accurate results (Steiber & Alänge, 2013, p.248).

How Google negotiates with suppliers

Google while dealing with their suppliers by building trust and trying to understand suppliers’ objectives in order establish a sustainable relationship. Besides, the company insists on upholding long-term mutual interaction with their suppliers. Google being a big business entity enjoys a substantial benefit when making purchases from suppliers. Because of the large degree of Google’s purchases, they benefit from price cuts good arrangements that small scale buyers don’t get. More importantly, Google’s negotiation is based on a win-win situation where the two parties (Google and the supplier) benefit.

How Google conducts its internal negotiations?

Google inculcates an open culture in its internal negotiations. This is where all and sundry contributes actively and comfortably share their views and opinions on various issues in the organization (Schein, 2004, p. 17). Besides, the company organizes compulsory regular meetings where the employees channel their queries to the company’s founders as well the executive on the challenges that Google face (Google, 2015). Additionally, its offices as well the eateries have been made in such a way that in fosters team and intergroup interactions (Schein, 2004, p. 17)

One key aspect that characterizes Google’s internal negotiations is in its decision making. The company makes the most out of its teams in that decisions are made in team (Schein, 2004, p. 17). This means that the organization is being managed by consensus (Schein, 2004, p. 17). This is one of Google’s strength of making sure that everyone matters as far are decision making is concerned.

Google’s External Negotiations

Google’s external negotiations are pegged on its core principles of putting its users first. External negotiations are done with the best interest of the company and as such the company’s and the external party’s may be balanced. Our executive team is very plugged into networks and our board members are certainly external useful sources (Google, 2015).

How Google buy things

Google emphasizes on striking the best deal for Google (Google, 2015). This is usually done by seeking from competing bids and selecting the best deal. In choosing the best when making company’s purchases, the following factors are considered: price; quality, service, reliability and the terms and conditions of the proposed deal (Google, 2015). The company has a purchasing team which provides guidelines on how to make purchases of equipment or services (Google, 2015).

Suggestions / ideas

Google works on the foundation of solid principles which stresses on putting customers or users first in everything they do (Google, 2015). It motivates its employees and provides them with the right environment in order to enhance their output. Generally speaking, both its internal and external negotiations are done well. However, there is need for them to enhance a quicker, secure and adaptable e-negotiation agent to improve negotiation. Moreover, the freedom in the pace of innovation of technology calls for a great effort in the maintenance and management (More, Vij, & Mukhopadhyay, n.d, p.8)


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