Organization behavior case; challenges of my first job 1 Essay Example

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‘’The challenges of my first job at Asacura International’’

Question one; describe and evaluate the team situation and team processes that are going on in Julie Mok’s current project team


Team develops through 4 stages namely; formation stage, norming stage, performing stage and adjourning stage. Development of team identity and team competence is the distinct team processes in this project. Julie is in a team situation where the other members have been working together for some time.


Julie works with team members with much experience. During the first day, the other team members made clear communication about their vast experience and the long duration they have working together. The team situation was difficult to work with as it was hard to suggest new ideas to the team members.

Julie tried to persist to give new ideas to the other experienced members but all in vain.

The team process in this case is team cohesiveness. Julie was required to integrate herself to the team members for togetherness. The other members have been working together for more than 8 years and understand each other well. They expected cohesive consensus from Julie. The other members believe in their experience and do not expect Julie to initiate new ideas. The team situation in this case puts Julie in an awkward situation, where his initiative of new ideas is turned down by other team members. The tram situation has made Julie to lose passion and she is now under a lot of pressure working in the team.

The teal also lacks trust as Harry behavior of reporting team members to the head of human resource is unbecoming behavior. The other team member had urgent family issues to address. This demonstrates lack of team cohesiveness. Enrique was likely to be in trouble in terms of disciplinary action. There is lack of cohesive process in the team. Harry is seen to be authoritative and other team members believe they have equal responsibility working on different roles in the project. There is an element of behavior and attitude modification in the project team.

Positive aspects of work will enhance togetherness in the project team. There will stage by stage development and a sense of enthusiasm for Julie with time. Julie had a bad initial experience in her job. This is attributed to constant ignorance of his ideas from team members. Time has given Julie an opportunity to express her ideas to enhance her personal wellbeing in the team. She has developed strategies to handle her current situation.


Team building accelerates team development. The team project was intended to enhance functioning and development of the project team. Team norms are required to regulate member behaviors. The tam norms are usually influenced by critical events in a project, initial experiences, team member experiences and values that bring all members together in a project.

Factors which determine team cohesion include size of teams, degree of interaction, team success, member’s similarity and levels of tem motivation. Congruence of organization goals will enhance team performance through process of cohesiveness. Team trust processes places positive expectations between team members. Risk situations will determine team cohesiveness on the basis if team behavior and responds towards the risk situation (Griffin & Moorehead, 2014).

Respond to question two; identify and discuss the sources tactics of power that Harry uses in this case and explain other sources and tactics of power that would be prevalent in an organization


Power refers to ability to influence team members. Harry realizes that he has power through his continuous interaction with senior people in the organization. Harry is seen to be powerful as he presents himself as working in the best interest of the group. Possession of information and control of flow of information is a tactic for power.


Tactics and sources of power in an organization emanates from attempts to modify behavior of team members. Tactics involves operating in an organization hierarchy to exert influence. The tactics which Harry uses include information control, impression management, assertiveness, coalition formation, upward appeal and ingratiation (Fox, 2006).

Harry is seen talking with senior people in the cafeteria and constantly threatens to report others to the senior management. This is a tactic of information control, assertiveness and impression management. Harry threatens to report Enrique to the senior human resource manager for disciplinary action. During the initial stages, he is seen asserting himself in telling Julie to integrate himself to the team as they have been together for a long time. Close examination of his actions reflect incidences of power hungry. Social networks with senior people in the organization are the source of power in this organization. Network building is based on strategic considerations and additional access to networks with influential people in the organization.

Response to question three; assess at least three different strategies for how to act in the current conflict situation, and decide on one strategy that you think Julie would use


Strategies for handling conflict depend on situation goals, party’s status, and existing relationship between team members, team culture, complexity of issues and problems and time constraints. Conflicts can be solved through negotiation, arbitrators, clarification of procedures and rules, better communication and understanding of roles and building a positive tram climate for all organization members. Negotiation involves two members who are in a conflict. Arbitration is a third party conflict resolution mechanism in an organization. Effective and clear communication guidelines will minimize incidence of conflicts in an organization. Communication will define roles of members in a team and there will be no source of power from one team member (Goldsmith & Cloke, 2013).

The best strategy for Julie to handle conflict in the new work place is through negotiation. She needs to understand team member interdependence. She needs time to understand other team members and identify their resistant points. This will enable her to know when to come up with new ideas to the tram of experienced team members.


People who hold power tends to engage in nonverbal behaviors (to show that they are powerful).there experiences are emotionally attached and more action-oriented that being result oriented. There is a motivation to maintain the existing conditions so as to remain powerful in all organizations situations. Powerful team members are difficulty to accept ideas from other team members.


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