Organizatin behaviour

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Stephen was entrusted with the role of leading a team of IT training professionals who were mandated with training both the internal and external customers. The team was made of four members and was under an administrator, Sandra. The rest of the members were working in the organization before Stephen was employed. However, after he took the position, he recruited another team member, Michael. This did not auger well with the rest of the team members. However, the new member turned out to be smart and hardworking. Michael was young and the recruitment process was based to high technical and presentation skills. Despite being underestimated based on his age, he turned out to be a darling of many customers. They liked his presentations and they never missed his sessions. Due to his popularity, he started demanding for promotion. However, this would not auger well with the rest of the team members. Therefore, Stephen declined the request. As a result, Michael started being complacent, thereby, missing some sessions or turning to work late. Sandra also started behaving in a similar manner. In one of the days, both failed to show up. Stephen turned to peter who declined to present to the customers but after being persuaded for a long time. He accepted unwillingly. However, after his presentation, customers were dissatisfied that they raised their complaints to the top level managers. As a result, Michael was forced to resign while Stephen was demoted for failing to take control of the team members.