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8Newcastle City

A report on


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September 2, 2011

Executive Summary

Urban centers provide ample solutions to numerous people on employment, good lifestyles and modernization. In this regard, many individuals across Australia flock major cities to meet their objectives thus leading to urbanization. Urbanization serves as a critical factor that derails the economic productivity of any geographical location in the world. This paper seeks to unearth the various economic impediments and their contribution either positively or negatively on the sustainability of Newcastle City. Additionally, it will also address the upsurge in urban population over the years in Newcastle.

Newcastle City

Newcastle is an Australian metropolitan area located in the state of New South Wales and is the second densely populated region. The population increment is aggravated by rural-urban migration as individuals seek economic opportunities. In this regard, Newcastle acts as a hub for most administrative duties in the vast city. According to the website (n.d) the primary goal of the local community is to ensure the improvement of the quality of life for all persons through participatory engagements. This is experimental through the enhancement of democracy through fair and transparent elections thus prompting the community to elect individuals of repute. Furthermore, Minton (2003) argues that the local community in Newcastle is visionary about transparency in the articulation of their duties. For instance, through collective participation from the administration and the community, it is highly likely that Newcastle will forge ahead in dealing with environmental concerns as a result of a campaign to plant trees. The website, further assert that the local community shared goals of prosperity serve as the benchmarks for the collective decision making platform. This means that the local community’s goal is to ensure that they are included in the decision making process that is workable through attendance of public discussion meetings.

Economic growth in Newcastle

Economic growth is the critical ingredient in any given region across the world. This is because it dictates the future development of the country in general. Economic growth means the monetary stability of a state or region such as Newcastle. Barro and Sala-i-Martin (2004) assert that the economic productivity and growth of any region is known through the indicators such as Gross Domestic Product that conglomerates a number of factors. Factors that contribute to economic growth include employment, harmonious markets and political stability. For instance, since the eruption of violence in the Libya, an African country, the economic growth in the area has continued to submerse adversely. This is primarily because the violence is a limiting ingredient of economic activities in the region thus most investors are shying away from the Libyan market. However, the realization of economic growth in Newcastle is hindered by a number of issues namely; population growth, inadequate infrastructure and telecommunications, thus derailing the establishment of investor hubs in the region ( n.d).

Additionally, economic growth is precisely faced with the challenges of population growth. According to Weber (2010), population growth is the situation whereby natives continue to procreate thus stretching the employment opportunities muscle making it impossible for the political or local government administration to effectively deliver their services. For example, in the event the population increases mostly in urban areas, the provision of basic facilities such as sanitation is impaired. This, as a result degrades the economic productivity since the populous is strained in their income making it very difficult to progress economically a situation known as ‘hand to mouth economy’.

organisation ,community and communicationorganisation ,community and communication 1

Fure 1:1 Source: Newcastle City Council. (n.d). Statistics

Figure1.1: A pyramid illustrating how population has impacted on other factors such as income and economic growth. The arrow shows the declining effect of population growth that s the higher the population, the lower the income levels and economic growth.

Ways in which economic growth affects vision of a sustainable Newcastle

Lack of proper economic growth will adversely affect sustainable Newcastle as a result of urbanization. This means that most of the populations in the city of Newcastle are urban dwellers thus straining the resources in the urban areas at the expense of rural developments. For instance, increased population in the urban areas turns out as an environmental degradation mechanism thus provide for environmental maintenance. In light of this, the search for economic growth in the city jeopardizes the overall importance of environmental conservation (Ci.Newcastle n.d).

There are several steps that new castle has developed in developing Indicators of a Sustainable Community.

Form a working group

Clarify the purpose

Identify shared values

Develop a set of characteristics

organisation ,community and communication 2organisation ,community and communication 3organisation ,community and communication 4

organisation ,community and communication 5

Convene community participation

Perform a technical review

Compile data and prepare report

Further develop and refine indicators

organisation ,community and communication 6organisation ,community and communication 7organisation ,community and communication 8

Figure 1:2 Source: tai n.d

The above figure shows the steps that have been taken in developing Indicators of a Sustainable Community. The working group comprises of new castle’s business and economic development organizations, residents, environmentalists among many interested groups. The importance of this group is to ensure that the indicators that are developed are useful to the community and are relevant (tai n.d). The purpose of the project was to find an opportunity to make community values to develop tools for sustainability. They identified and shared values for the community, they developed a set of Community characteristics for measurement of sustainability, the group consulted with the community as the community shared its visions for the future and discussed the merits of the proposed characteristics for measuring a sustainable community and they Performed a technical review to identify proposed indicators to measure the characteristics. This included the reviewing of the existing data reporting. They later compiled data on selected indicators for publishing and promoting the report. They finally reviewed development and refinement of indicators; including provisions for regular updates on the indicators and involved the community in its developments.

Government’s contribution in tackling economic growth

Unemployment and low income among employees serve as a critical ingredient to poor economic growth (tai n.d). In light of this, the local government based in Newcastle remains considerate to embark on the employment of individuals across the demographic divides such as age, gender and culture. This strategy aims at enhancing an economically viable population. Moreover, the local government also gears towards an upward trend in economic growth through the establishment of campaigns across the metropolitan city to equip the citizenry with information on the best strategies to apply for the realization of economic growth. They include self employment and also advocating family planning to negate an upsurge in the population that is not parallel to the economy. Demmers and Fernandez (2004) argue that the local government should carry out feasibility studies and establish the critical areas that require development and channel their financial assistance there. However, uninformed decisions hamper the achievement of economic growth in Newcastle.

In achievement of economic development, the local government in collaboration with the local community should advance a collective participation in the decision making platform whereby the local communities, through their leader should ensure that they engage in constructive discussions on the way forward for the city.

Impacts of economic growth

The impacts of the local government are immense but in this paper, focus is on economic development. Through the immense campaigns carried out by the local government, a substantial number of individuals have resulted to self employment in Newcastle thus increasing economic growth. This is whereby people are able to meet their basic needs instead of heavily relying on the government either federal or local for support.

How people work together to achieve common goals

People work together through the formulation of focus group discussions that form a credible way of idea generation. This means that all individuals engage in a mind boggling experience and in the end come up with conclusive ideas that are instrumental in the economic development of Newcastle. Moreover, the local community can also embrace the local government as friends in development and channel their grievances amicably without jeopardy.


The problem of urbanization has come out strongly as the critical ingredient to economic growth. In light of this, therefore the report has greatly addressed the various factors that should be considered to realize an economic friendly Newcastle. In conclusion, the report recommends that further research be done to ascertain other avenues that the metropolitan city can effectively apply to realize maximum benefits. Finally, it is worth noting that the report has only concentrated on economic growth and thus much more need to be done on other sectors of the city such as health, crime and aging so as to collectively come out with a successive city.

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