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Op-ed Writing


Publication for the public

Jane a (23) bought a smartphone and a laptop purposely to communicate with her friends, paying bills and avoiding the daily queue in the bank but the problem comes in since she does not know how to access the internet via the phone and the laptop. One second may change her whole life, and she could regret on buying the devices, the smartphone, and the laptop. To avoid this stressful situation, it was only necessary to her to go to her ally who has been an expert on internet and have all the tricks. Today world is all about internet, at schools, companies, hospitals, travelers and banks. Internet has made life to be easier but a trouble free as well. Although, there are few disadvantages concerning it, internet has played a great role to all people.

Finding jobs has been easier nowadays since the invention of internet. It provides all sorts of views concerning job updates either from government or private sector. Email notification is the most used platform when receiving mails concerning the job updates and keeping the followers updated of any new job posted (Leung &Lee, 2005). In the era of no internet, people were using the traditional method that is the use of newspaper in search for any job updates which was tiresome. In brief, the internet has made a great change into our lives on job search.

Internet has improved the mode of education not only in schools but also in life after schools. Subject such as computers in school has made children to understand the importance of internet at a tender age. It has also made students to download tutorials, access teachers’ notes and also to research on a particular subject. Furthermore, it has made the life of teachers in school easier, since nowadays a teacher can lecture while he/she is the office via the internet. Online courses are another change that has caused the life of people to be easier since you can study and at the same time working (Leung &Lee, 2005). It is clear that, internet has made education to be more interesting and of value.

Fortunately, the use of internet has made banks to enhance their effectiveness and productivity and also trust to their customers since most of their soft wares requires internet connection to run. This is the area where most of internet technology is required at maximum level. It always ensure all work are done accurate and on time. It saves labor in the bank, since the software with the help of internet can serve many customers at a short time. Banks have retain a larger market shares compares to other organization with the help of internet. In summary, internet has played a big role in banks thus increasing their productivity by satisfying their customers’ needs.

Internet technologies have played a major role in business. It has offered great opportunities to business, making operations to be more effective (Leung & Lee, 2005). Communication has been fast and cost efficient within the business environment. It has also creates opportunities whereby business can reach a wider global audience and also to increase their sales in order to reach the desire goal. Internet has also made business to involve in various marketing activities that is by advertising their goods and services via their websites to reach their targeted customers. Every business person and organization should take the advantage of the internet in order to enjoy the growth and the success of the business.

Transportation industry is another area that requires maximum use of internet technologies. Railways always operate with software with the help of their websites to reach customers. It has made travelers to book their ticket at their convenience time compare to the traditional method. It seen clearly, internet has increased the efficiency and the mode of transportation across the world.

Internet has filled a wide gap has a source of communication across the world despite the hard ways on how to select and evaluate them. It has a unique platform that connects people worldwide. Social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few examples people are using to connect with friends and also in search of their old ally. Despite of it being useful in business, it is also used as a personal contact in searching of new friends. In short, internet has played a big role as a source of communication across the world.

Internet provides all suitable solutions to healthcare industry (Leung & Lee, 2005). It ensures patients are cared, treatment outcomes are improved, and the health care costs are manageable. It also improved disease management in that diseases can be treated before getting out of hand of patient through accessing real time data via the use of internet. It also minimize errors by ensuring data are collected accurately thus enhancing patient experience and management of drugs hence act as a source of solving healthcare solutions.

Internet is a huge platform for online shopping that is buying and selling of goods and services (Leung & Lee, 2005). Various goods and services are advertised via internet where people can access them. Goods such as food stuffs, clothes, jewelry, electronics, and other products can be purchased from the internet in just a few clicks. Advantages of using online shopping are that, goods are offered at affordable price and the products bought are always delivered at your doorstep within a short period of time. This clearly shows how effective internet is in our lives.

Since the invention of internet into our lives, researchers have found things easier just by few clicks. They can search for their topic of interest and get possible references regarding their research, and then publicize it in which it will end up benefit a large group of people across the world thus it shows how internet can drastically influence our life.

To be sure, internet has extremely influenced our life, provides us with all source of information and knowledge which is helpful in social, economic and personal development. Think about where we would be without the internet.

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