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Online news stories about technology

Apple profit soars on record iPhone, iPad sales July 20, 2011,

According to the news carried by the Sydney Morning Herald of July 20, 2011 it depicted that the Apple online Store and company have had an interesting development in the world of technology for service provision and sale of products because it has an expansive and interactive market place for various technological objects and electronics.

This sterling performance according to the article is powered by its huge sales of its ipad and iphone devices in many countries.

It is a chain of retail stores across many countries of the world owned and run by a company known as Apple Inc and it deals in consumer electronics and computers.

Sydney morning Herald further posted that the profit that apple realized in the first quarter of 2011 exceeded the expectations by the Wall Street and in the Month ending July 2011, it is in record that apple has opened more than 330 dispensing stores across the world and has sold a record figure of over 20.3 million iphones, which according to the article prompted the apple chief executive Mr. Steve Jobs to remark as thrilled by the performance.

Apple online sell Macintosh personal computers, ipads, ipods, Mac book pro, Mac book air as some of the products that compound their hardware segment.

Their Software segment includes products like Mac OS X, iwork application bundles, DVD studio pro, Final cut pro among others.

They also engage in third-party accessories, and Apple TVs are some of the other consumer electronics they deal in and dispense to its customers.

Across the world apple online offers occasions and platforms for work shops and presentations, trainings and there is what they call genius bar where clients can get their electronics repaired and receive an other technical support as well free seminars for the public.

The other interesting news about apple which is carried in the article is the phenomena that sales have tremendously improved in the Chinese market which is a nation comprising of millions of cell phone users.

Moreover, sales even can soar astronomical because there is the speculation that apple are about reach a deal with china mobile ltd which will enormously push sales and increase revenues.

It worth noting that apple online has tremendously contributed to the aspect of online business and has conveniently offered products and services to its clients across different parts of the globe.

Asher Moses Tablet wars: Apple seeks to destroy rival Galaxy. August 2, 2011

Some of the fundamental criticism and undertones that are carried in the Sydney morning Herald that is facing apple online is it’s delved into a fight with subscription companies and intellectual property rights conflicts.

Apple has engaged itself in prolonged legal battle with its competitor Samsung which has amounted to numerous cases in courts in various countries where they operate.

«It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging,» an Apple Australia spokeswoman was quoted to have said.

«This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.»

The other issue illustrated is the fact that apple has appropriated approximately $US76 billion to fight its competitors by suing especially those who use Google’s Android platforms aiming to challenge her iphones and ipad dominance.

The assumption that underlies this phenomenon is the fact it premise the fight on strength but the overriding reality is that they are losing on the content front in respect to others.

It is true that apple online is a strong company and surveys have that it is now lagging behind other online media like video, music, newspapers and book.

Occasionally there have been scenarios of the store running out of devices in the sense that clients who ordered certain products will not get them within the time frameworks that they expect.

This has resulted in a lot of inconveniences because some orders are suspended for a while until the time they often call launch date.

In some incidences, also complains have been raised in regard to the apple systems failing in that customers could not complete their orders online forcing them to opt for other means of contacting the company which is expensive and inconvenient.

The initiatives that Apple online are exuding in online business is impressive especially for companies, institutions or any other organization or individuals that needs technological solutions.

It has offered an incredibly convenient platform for one to own electronic or any other technological gadgets that they offer because someone can choose any time in the day or night to purchase what he or she wants.


Apple profit soars on record iPhone, iPad sales July 20, 2011,

Asher Moses Tablet wars: Apple seeks to destroy rival Galaxy. August 2, 2011

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