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5Online Communication Strategy- Social Media


Online Communication Strategy- Social Media

Social media is the use mobile technologies to facilitate communication. It takes the forms of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Instagram and Orkut. Iinet uses these various platforms to communicate to its clients. Iinet, an Australian internet service provider, uses these social media forums to share photos of their products, videos and stories. Replies to clients’ accounts are done conveniently. Because of twitters’ easy to use nature, Iinet finds it convenient to use and communicate with network subscribers. It operates a Twitter account, where they involve their followers in overall conversations and feedback submissions. The institution uses their twitter handle for brand promotion by retweeting posts, which helps in creating awareness among their target groups from the Australian community of the presence of new and existing network services. Current trends in their products are usually indicated using a hashtag, to increase trend in their products, thereby winning market dominance. The organisation has a Facebook account, where their “fans” can follow all the events posted, interact by sharing posts, upcoming events, links and photos. The professionals in charge always keep the Facebook profile updated. These also contain the offers given to the customers that include the network offers and other electronic incentives to encourage the clients in the use of such products (Hunter, Lobato, Richardson, and Thomas, Eds, 2012).

The Iinet company uses the social media platform to encourage safe use of online technology. This scenario is especially true among young people across the world. By this, there is a significant increase in responsible behaviour among the young population on the internet. The fast growing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the areas where Iinet provide parents with the necessary information on how to maintain their online private issues. Privacy intrusion is another major problem in the social media. There are cases of online scams and hacking into private accounts, which hinder the success of using these media as a communication strategy. Iinet, therefore, has come up with these identity rules encouraging users to protect their identity in the social media to improve on their privacy issues online which include creating knowledge among students on what entails digital identity. This becomes a communication strategy of Iinet to win the hearts of the clients over the immediate competitors in the Australian internet market. Most Facebook operators never know that their information on the internet is always a victim of unwelcome visits. This occurs even though Facebook has provided the privacy setting options where someone can easily change these settings. By creating awareness of safe Internet use among its clients, Iinet is, therefore, making a significant advancement and improving its competitive advantage. It uses social media to encourage users to be on the alert of scams, cyber bullying and false identifications. In any cases of cyber abuse, Iinet promotes the reporting of such incidences (Iinet, 2013, p. 11).

Iinet uses the social media to improve the competition of its products. This is done by provision of some of their products for free to their clients. Some of these include electronic media such as mobile phones, laptops, browsing modems, free tablets, tickets for upcoming events, cameras among others. The social media followers of Iinet participate on competitions to receive these awards. This becomes a strategy for increasing the customers’ interest in their products. Social media is so far the fastest means of spreading the news. All the breaking news is availed in the Iinet social network sites for their followers to access. This is, therefore, a communication strategy to attract the attention of the fans in social media. Iinet uses the social media to announce to their followers if there are any cases of future and current service disruptions in their internet access. It uses the social media platform to communicate to its clients’ needs, listen to their customers’ complaints keenly and respond immediately. A firm should ensure it gives a listening ear to its clients in the social media. Otherwise, the immediate competitors might get into the media, filtrate into the customers’ complaints and provide the clients’ needs. A firm should always respond positively, instead of deleting or blocking clients’ concerns in the social media (Marinho, 2014, p. 1).

Iinets’ human resource department uses the social media in their continued employment activities. In the current world, many corporations advertise their available job vacancies in Facebook or LinkedIn. When Iinet carries out recruitment, selection, hiring and even promotions, social media platforms are used. Followers of Iinets’ Facebook or Twitter accounts are always in touch with the latest employment postings, and this has with time helped in saving the extra time needed for manual advertisements. The company uses this as a strategy to communicate to the members of the general public on the required parties that the organisation is interested in employing. Moreover, social media has enabled the institution to disclose all the necessary information regarding the company to a broad range of either real customers of their products and services, or even those who are not actual clients, but have the ability to become future customers. These potential customers include the internet subscribers of other competitors, who Iinet aims to have hopefully as their clients. The company has also used the social media platform to give back to the community. Together with the Australian Red Cross, Iinet has participated in creating awareness blood donation. It has also used this communication strategy to create charity programs to make a difference in the community. This type of business strategy, in the long run, builds the company’s image in the Australian community at large (Iinet, 2014, p. 70).


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