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Album Review

‘‘Is This The Life We Really Want?»

Roger Waters

Roger Waters decides on ‘‘Is This The Life We Really Want?» as his latest album title since 1992. The album marked the prolonged single hits in his preceding albums; ‘‘Animals», ‘‘The Wall» and ‘‘The Final Cut». This was a prolonged album with dual subjects in its content. Streamlined by producer Nigel Godrich, Roger outrageously excavates all the lies portrayed in the current political systems in his hit, ‘‘Amused to Death». In this song, intimidations of people’s rights are highlighted with no clear resolutions. Clear attention was the coverage of dual subjects in his latest album. Critics of solo albums acted as a stepping stone to be more creative in inculcating controversial art and craft works on his final album.

Waters never believed in tidy conclusions. In his final album «Is This The Life We Really Want?» Waters asks a rhetoric question showing the highest degree of anger ‘WHY START NOW?’ This is followed by numerous s and f to pimp the rap record. Godrich interrupts this with other studio tricks and unconnected sounds indicating the real fury in Walters’ statements. The songs in the album hang on a single concept. However, it is not explicit nor linear but the point in the album is always loud and clear. The sound pattern like ‘Political leaders are reckless, perilous, etc.’ generalizes his statements reducing the doubts to whom is referring to. This gives him total security over radical leaders who would, in turn, disregard his message or even kill him. This was key for his continuity in the music industry.

Musically, this album has a wide range of attractive sounds. Captivation of dynamic and drastic moods is done by spacious soundscapes, hushed keyboards and ripping solo guitars. He referred to animals in passing the message in most of his songs. For instance, ‘‘smell the roses’’ song showed reminiscence of three different pigs. The biting lines and stabilized guitars on this album show that almost nothing has changed for the past 40 years. The constant nature of political climate is reinforced by the constant dramatic mood in the songs contained in this album.

Waters focus on personal reflection is seen in his most interesting songs; ‘‘smell the roses’’, ‘‘the last refugee» and ‘‘Part of Me Died’’. Here, familiar themes were covered but no hopes are expected. He is uncomfortable with the prospects showed by a mad of a dog pulling his chain on ‘‘Smell the Roses». His eyes are fearful depicting danger, singing with a withered voice ‘close your eyes and pray this wind don’t change’ show how fearful and helpless people are in the hands of their leaders. Simply, Walter has little hope balanced against his ancient work and the current album. Throughout the song, you feel the beginning of everything in life, current situation and the future. From vocals, waters seems to be pessimistic about the future as many leaders have no brains, according to him. He claims that nothing has to be changed and dead and future is already with us in this contemporary world.