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This policy is intended to portray the commitment of Kinrac Corporation to ensure that nobody, employee or client has their safety threatened in the place of work. Our commitment as a company is founded on our cognizance of the fact that our staff are our most valued asset. The aim of the policy is the elimination or reduction of risks to the emotional and physical health of every member of our community. The safety policy is designed to ensure that even those who visit with us including visitors and external contractors are also protected. Matters regarding sexual propriety among employees and the entire spectrum of participants will also be captured in the policy. The overall responsibility of stakeholders’ safety lies squarely with the top company leadership with the Executive Chairman as the chief safety officer. Under this policy, a safety incident will be any occurrence that leads to the deterioration of victim’s health whether immediately or later in life. Reaction to incidents may vary depending on severity, but all of them will be responded to according to this policy.

The responsibilities of the executive chairman include,

  • Provision and maintenance of safe plant and systems of work

  • To make and to monitor arrangements for the safe usage handling of hazardous materials in use in the company.

  • The maintenance of a workplace that is healthy and without risk to stakeholders’ physical and emotional health.

  • Ensure availability of all the necessary facilities to ensure that the welfare of all stakeholders is ensured.

  • Ensuring that the capacity of all stakeholders is built to ensure that everyone gets the necessary knowhow to enable them know what to do and what to avoid in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of their coworker.

Kinrac Enterprises is committed to do everything possible to ensure that the environment in the company and everything in its auspices poses no risk to those in it whatsoever. Ultimately, the responsibility for safety falls on everyone in the organization under the supervision of the chief officer in charge; the Executive Chairman. However, there are some duties that are allocated to occupants of specific offices. They include;

The Executive Chairman

He is responsible for the successful implementation of this WHS policy under the delegated authority of the board, towards achieving this, he shall do the following.

  • To ensure the observance of state and Commonwealth law on matters regarding to safety in the company.

  • To ensure that whatever consultations necessary between the board and other stakeholders take place as and when necessary.

  • To see to it that the necessary policies are revised from time to time to ensure that they conform to the changing times and trends.

  • To ensure that employees and other stakeholders receive all the necessary information concerning safe operation of machinery and acceptable interactions

  • To ensure that there are systems in place are suitable for prompt and accurate reporting in case of accidents or other incidents in the work place.


  • Hey have a responsibility to be careful concerning their health ant the health of those around them

  • They have a responsibility to adhere to the rules concerning safety as formulated by the executive chairman, the board, OHS consultations, etc.

  • They should undertake not to tamper with the systems that have been put in place to ensure the safety of stakeholders in the organization and also those that are meant for other duties but can create unsafe environments in the work environment

  • To always act according to the laid down procedures concerning reporting of accidents


It should be noted that when the company has outsourced, it doesn’t get released from its responsibility for safety. In this regard; Kinrac Enterprises undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that this standard of safety is not compromised though requiring that the contractors. Part of the tender documents required of contractors will pertain to their capacity to effectively handle safety issues:

  • Use safe equipment in the conduct of their business

  • Engage for activities related to Kinrac Enterprises only staff who have been trained in the necessary occupational health and safety procedures. In short contractors will be expected to adhere to this policy as one of the contractual arrangements.

  • They should also be qualified and with a certain agreed level of experience as prescribed by the board. Qualifications are not only a quality issue but also a safety issue since a suitably qualified and experienced contractor is more likely to understand the measures necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • The contractor should also ensure that they have all the necessary licenses and insurance. This ensures that there is no legal liability from the work. It also means that should anything happen to the workers or third parties in the course of the work; the insurance cover would ensure that they are taken care of

  • For the sake of safety, contractors need to be informed well in advance of the possibility for safety issues to arise and in what areas such issues may be expected. This enables the contractor to put in place factors for mitigation of this danger as part of their larger work plan. It should be noted that the responsibility of the contractor only extends to the work they undertake as per their contracts with the company.The contractor should also ensure that all employees know the school environment which is a safety measure ensures that they know what to do in which place

  • The contractor should ensure that they have received all the necessary information before undertaking the task. This should be confirmed with the Executive Chairman

  • The contractor should also submit to the EC or his nominee their safety management plan before commencement of the project activities

  • Submit WorkCover certificate and public liability to the EC

  • Submit a work environment assessment report to the EC after conducting the said assessment and the measures taken to ensure that there is no hazard or that they have been reduced to the barest minimum

  • The contractor shall also ensure that the site is free after the work has been completed this will entail the removal of sharp objects, filling with open pits etc. Inspection of the site to ensure compliance shall be done by the EC or his nominee who shall later report to the board. A certificate of completion for the work shall only be issued to the contractor if they have ensured that site is free of hazards.

Management of Occupational Health and Safety

Staff Involvement

All the employees in Kinrac Enterprises get involved in Health and Safety matters at their various levels as such they will be progressively trained to identify potential safety problems and also to come up with possible solutions. Reporting is also an important skill in case any incident occurs this is concerning the thoroughness of the report in covering all the necessary information and also ensuring that all incidents are reported.

Capacity building of the staff will be done in consultation Occupational health professionals. It shall be the policy of this company that all staff meetings will have issues of health and safety in the agenda of all staff meetings. In these meetings, employees in these meetings will provide information regarding changes that may affect their safety in their stations of work. The staff will also get an opportunity to air whatever concerns they may have concerning their safety and the safety of other stakeholders within the company in these forums. Each department will be required to raise safety issues and report all those that seem to need the attention of higher offices. Each of the departments will also elect a health and safety representative upon whom the responsibility of ensuring the department is well covered will fall. While there will be a departmental responsibility, it shall be the policy of this company that each staff member will be encouraged to report whatever incidents there may be concerning safety.

All new employees of the company will be inducted by way of teaching them the requirements of the state laws concerning safety, the provisions of this policy, and other relevant documents as may be decided by the EC. They will also be trained on safety procedures put in place by the company to give them an operational knowledge and an understanding of how important matters of safety are to the top company leadership.

The designated workgroup in the context of Kinrac Enterprises will be taken to be the different departments, the Executive Chairman, however, has the discretion to increase the number of DWGs as he may deem necessary. Each of the DWGs will elect a health and safety representative (HSR) elections of HSR elections shall be conducted in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. Each HSR will hold office for a term not exceeding three years.

Responsibilities of the HSR include:

  • Inspecting their DWGs or the entire company. This should be done after giving a short notice to the Executive Chairman and head of the department in the DWG. Inspection of the DWG may be done without prior notice to the EC if it is done immediately after an accident or a health risk has been reported by a member of staff.

  • HSR are also required to accompany external safety inspectors who come to the company on inspection missions

  • They shall facilitate the establishment of health and safety committees from among the employees. The formation of these committees must be done in consultation with the employees to ensure ownership of the process

  • HSRs have the responsibility to be present during the interviewing of any employee by an external inspector on matters safety.

In order to ensure that HSRs can perform their duties effectively, the EC is obligated to provide them with any information necessary for him to perform his duties. This includes any information in the company’s possession concerning the health status and the susceptibility of the individual to any safety issues and also the information concerning risks in the company.

It shall be the policy of this company that the HSR when performing his duties outside the company is entitled to paid leave for the duration of time they will be required by their duties to be outside their stations. They are also entitled to attend all training approved by the VWA. The attendance, however, shall not be arbitrary but in consultation with his superiors in order to establish the most appropriate time for the attendance considering the duties they undertake as company employees.

Health and Safety Committee

The committee shall be established under the guidance of the HSR in consultation with company employees. The committee shall have the following roles:

  • The committee will nurture the relationship between employees and employers as concerns safety in the workplace

  • The committee shall be the reservoir and conveyer of information concerning the laws, standards and protocols on health and safety that are relevant to the company as a workplace

  • Any other matters concerning safety as may be prescribed by the board

  • To provide counsel to the HSR on matters of safety and the best way to improve safety in the company

  • To maintain, through the Committee Secretary the minutes of all meetings and to distribute them to the all employees in order for them to see resolutions of the company

  • To advice the EC concerning employment of new staff in the fields of safety

There should be regular meetings of the committee to deal with safety issues in the company.

Procedures for the Resolution of Safety Issues


Annual Audit

There will be an annual health and safety audit which will be conducted by the HSRs in conjunction with the Health and Safety committees. The audits are intended to

  • Collect information to help in the identification of possible hazards

  • To analyze the potential of risks

  • Risk control in order to prevent future hazards

  • An audit of equipment and the facilities in the company

Dangerous Equipment Audit


  • Regular inspection of leads to replacing damaged ones

  • Ensure that switches and consoles are properly secured

  • Replace broken plates

Environmental Issues

The Safety Committee will put in place protocols to promote safety on matters of cleanliness and disposal of wastes. Matters regarding incineration of wastes and their effects on stakeholder safety will be considered, and policies developed around them to ensure that employee safety is maintained as the environment is cleaned. It shall be the policy of the company that all waste will be sorted at the source. Littering is strictly prohibited; the company shall provide a dustbin every 20 meters along paths and in each of the offices and workshops.

Physical Hazards

Manual Handling

Manual Handling Code of Practice requires consultations between employees and employers on the manner in which tasks that require heavy lifting should be handled especially when the manual handling can pose a safety threat. This is in order to prevent employees from suffering musculoskeletal disorder. The company safety committee and safety representatives from different departments will examine the manual handling code in light of the activities in each of the department. Towards this end, the company will provide a forklift for every load exceeding 40 kg per person.

Fire safety

The company will ensure that all members of staff have been trained on how to respond to fires. There will be well-marked fire assembly points for each building. There will be a fire extinguisher for each building. Each member of staff will be trained to use competently the fire extinguisher.

Sexual Harassment

Each employee is individually responsible to ensure that they behave in a manner that cannot be construed as sexual harassment. In this company, sexual harassment includes making unwanted sexual advances, requesting sexual advances in order to offer favors. Using sexually objectifying language. Proven cases of sexual harassment will lead to summary dismissal.

Smoking Policy

The company has a no smoking policy in public spaces. There are, however smoking booths located strategically in the company. Nobody should smoke while in proximity to non-smokers in order to prevent them from enduring secondary smoking. The company will also regularly organize training in order to inform all stakeholders on the dangers of smoking.